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The Braid brand always intertwined an International vision of business and an innate dedication to the quality of making. The ability to select the best materials and manufactures from around the world, the culture of design and the incessant technical research, cohabit in a collection of various and harmonious garden furniture with over 130 references between tables, chairs, sofas, beds, arm-chairs, lamps, cabins, shielding systems, complementary furniture and accessories.

A system of 12 product families in which each designer has given shape to completely different ma-terials and production techniques, ranging from the intertwining of natural fibers to the processing of wood, aluminum and leather and to the application of technical fabrics. Braid manages the produc-tion processes with flexibility, delivering also single piece, customized in an exclusive way in terms of shape, materials and finishes.

In the picturesque village of Mogliano, nestled in the Marche hills, for three generations Braid has transformed the culture of making into timeless products that stand out in terms of quality and mate-rials, constructive solidity and the care of the typical details of a process in which the product is nev-er farther away from the craftsman, than the length of his own hand.

An extensive collection that is constantly renewed introducing new formal experiments and new pro-cesses to each edition, combining the traditional weaving technique on which the genetic code of the Braid brand is based. New finishes, new treatments and new visions of designers who have been able to provide, with sober elegance, new and refined interpretations of leisure, conviviality and “open-air“ relational space. ... More ... less

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