The kitchen is a core environment in a house and its essentially functional aim joins aesthetics, thanks to design complements that efficiently bring together form and function. In order to plan a kitchen in the best way possible it is in the first place necessary to carry out a careful analysis of the available spaces. Depending on how the rooms are distributed inside the apartment, the kitchen could occupy a physically separated space from the living area or be open and integrate with it. Kitchens are made to last through time and in that sense they will be the background of out lives for decades. As a consequence, choosing the kitchen furniture and accessories that are able to efficiently match our needs is of key importance and allows to improve our quality of life at home. Either you have a large size kitchen or a mini-kitchen, also choosing the finishes will be decisive in defining the style of the house, especially if the kitchen is an integral part of the living area and therefore will have to visually speak with the rest of the furniture, from the lunch table to the sofa, from the TV area to the bookcases.

Appliances for a modern kitchen

In addition to the main furniture and to the top to be coordinated, the kitchen project needs to also include the choice of the sink and faucet and of the appliances. Fridge, cooking hob, oven and hood are all essential elements especially as they must be an integral part of the overall project, so as to guarantee them the space they need, either you opt for built-in or freestanding appliances. The same goes for the other elements that could be deemed as optional, but as of today are increasingly present in kitchen projects, always provided that the space allows and that the needs of the house inhabitants are met. Also in this case, if you want to choose built-in appliances, it will be necessary to define them in the design phase. In this way, microwave oven, dishwasher, coffee machine, blast chiller, wine cellar and garbage disposal will also have a dedicated space. The small appliances and all the elements that are not built-in can also be chosen at a later stage, as the kitchen is experienced.

A kitchen to enjoy: furnishing the space with the right complements and accessories

The kitchen is still one of the room of the house we live in the most. Especially when it is designed with an American style and it faces the living area, it is necessary to furnish it with complements that are both useful and able to add a stylish accent that also satisfies us from an aesthetic point of view. If at the moment of purchase it is essential to choose a kitchen that we can imagine inside our home for dozens of years without us getting tired of it, the kitchen accessories will come in our help for a greater customization and to revisit the style as the time goes by and our taste evolves. Kitchen utensil holders, bottle racks, dish racks, knife blocks and the many accessories that we keep for practicality in sight on the kitchen counter are objects that can be changed with greater flexibility over time, so as to allow us to renew the environment with no need of massive interventions and investments.

Furnish the kitchen with textiles

If we want to enrich our day-to-day experience in the kitchen, we cannot forget the role played by kitchen textiles. From dishcloths to tablecloths, through aprons and carpets, these are elements that have their specific functions, but that, at the same time, are able to bring in an accent of color and personality to the environment.

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