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Download BIM objects and include them in your Revit project

Download up to 50 BIM objects a day using the BIM.archiproducts plug-in, designed to meet the specific needs of both Designers and construction companies, based on the Autodesk Revit technology.

BIM Objects

BIM.archiproducts plug-in, the BIM file management system directly in your project

Find the products you are looking for by browsing through the BIM.archiproducts categories (Furniture, Bathroom, Kitchen, Lighting, Outdoor, Office, Contract, Wellness, Decor, Finishes and Construction). Then, click on “Browse” to download files and introduce them directly into your project. Once downloaded, the BIM files are stored in the Cloud.

Browse BIM

Your products in the Cloud, stored in the “My Library BIM” section

All downloaded products are saved in the “My Library BIM” virtual library, which each user can access once registered. This means that, thanks to the BIM.archiproducts Cloud, you can archive all your BIM objects without the need for external data storage systems.

MyLibrary BIM

Update the BIM objects already included in the project

Check the availability of updates for the BIM objects already included in your projects and choose whether to replace them or leave them unchanged.

Update BIM

BIM “Featured” by Archiproducts

All BIM objects created by BIM.archiproducts include the “Featured” badge, a guarantee of high quality and compliance with the provisions of the UNI 11337 and ISO 19650 standards as applicable to BIM objects.

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BIM “Certified” by Archiproducts

All BIM products created by third parties and uploaded to BIM.archiproducts are subjected to specific testing to ensure that they work correctly. They are required to satisfy criteria such as geometric parameters, consistency of the model with reality, the integrity of alphanumeric data and their computation. Only objects that are deemed to be fully compliant with the control protocols are awarded the “Certified” badge.

Certified BIM

Download the BIM.archiproducts plug-in now and start designing

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