Having a wellness and spa area at home is an extraordinary convenience. From the hydromassage tub to Turkish baths, plenty are the complements that are able to ensure delightful instants of relax. The gym and spa equipment available on the market allow to set up your own wellness center within the home space thanks to a wide array of elements for fitness that can include exercise bikes, treadmills, steppers and abdominal benches.

Home spa also in a limited space

Today many people dream of having a spa at home and it is much easier to create one thanks to numerous solutions that are not as cluttering and can perfectly match your needs, even if you live in a flat. The market offers saunas that just occupy a few square meters, some of which can be stored if they are not being used, so as to optimize the space. Hydromassage tubs as well can be compact and actually take up the same space as a normal bath tub. For those who are not in the conditions of installing a bath tub, there are vertical solutions that turn a shower into a wall equipped with water jets of diverse intensity. Especially, the last trend in the world of wellness is represented by spa showers, able to combine the benefits of the massaging effect of the water jets with the evocations of chromotherapy and the spreading of pleasant fragrances for a total wellness experience.

Swimming pools and spa in the garden or terrace

If you have a garden, even outdoor you can consider to install a sauna or a Turkish bath, as well as a swimming pool to refresh in summer time. The larger models of swimming pools are normally installed below the ground level. They can be prefabricated or not, but in any case it will be mandatory to arrange a whole series of works for the hydraulic and filtering system and for the paving of the pool perimeter. In the event that you cannot proceed with an excavation, the alternative is represented by the above ground pools: this category also includes the mini-pools, small in size, but which may have other advantages, such as the presence of hydromassage.

Exercise bikes and treadmills for the home fitness

Choosing to have a gym at home is the ideal solution for those who have little time to workout or want to be free to devote themselves to physical training at any hour of the day. In addition it is an in-vogue solution, that is more and more common to see. In the case of modest-sized spaces, you can opt for free-body workouts, which require only a mat and small tools such as dumbbells and elastic bands. The mat is also a great solution if you practice yoga at home, because it can be rolled up and put away, thus not requiring an exclusively dedicated space in the house. However, those who want to create a fitness room in their home are now spoiled for choice. Exercise bikes are perhaps the most popular equipment for individual use, since they are easy to use, take up only a rather limited space and can be moved fairly easily. A valid alternative for those who want to do aerobics is certainly represented by treadmills and steppers. For those who prefer anaerobic training, the choice may fall on abdominal benches or multigym equipment, conceived for bodybuilding, which allow you to train different parts of your body with just a single machine, thus saving much space.

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