When designing office furniture, it is essential to choose accessories that respect the principles of ergonomics and that combine the typical functionality of these products with aesthetics. Being a subject of continuous stylistic experimentation, office furniture has become real complements with a carefully studied design, conceived with the aim of ensuring the enjoyment of a beautiful and practical environment. The first element to be inserted into this environment is certainly the office desk, essential for creating a corner to work comfortably and safely. Desk accessories allow you to customize your own workstation to the maximum, while office drawers and mobile partition walls allow you to organize space effectively.

Designing office furniture taking into account ergonomics and aesthetics

Nowadays, the visual lightness that characterizes office furniture tends to create a place free from the constraints of formality, which promotes interaction and sharing. The design of modern office accessories ensures safety and durability, and allows these elements to fit into any style of furniture. The desk represents the decisive element, able to capture the attention and to determine the aesthetic rendering of the space. In the case of modern office furniture, this complement should not be too large and is usually produced by combining metal and plastic materials. For a classic style furniture, instead, you can choose a model of wooden desk with rounded shapes.

Chairs and desk for a personal working corner

The office chair is a crucial element when maintaining a correct posture. In fact, a wrong sitting position has negative effects on the back, shoulders and neck. The task chair must have four basic features: a swivel seat, a well-stitched backrest and a stable yet adjustable base. In this way, it will be possible to adjust the seats of the chairs according to the desk or the table top of the office furniture. The design of modern office chairs allows to achieve high levels of comfort, without sacrificing the aesthetics of this piece of furniture. To complete the office furniture you can use accessories and storage furniture. Among these, office shelving make it possible to organise books and documents and always have them at hand. In order to respect the style that has been chosen to be used inside the office, it is necessary to start from a careful evaluation of the materials: wood for a classic effect, metal or plastic materials for modern office furniture. ... More ... less ... More ... less

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