Contemporary furnishing for public facilities or commercial activities needs to take into account diverse needs and not only pertaining to aesthetics. Choosing design furniture is by itself a guarantee of resistance and functionality, but a careful planning necessarily needs to also take into account the regulations in force.

How to define the style of an hotel facility thanks to your furniture choices

Planning the hotel furnishing is a complex tasks as it needs to draw a red thread between the choices made in the large common areas and those made for the internal private spaces of each room. The lounge area can be furnished with comfortable sofas and armchairs, alternated with small tables and other elements to decorate the environment. Furnishing these areas is fundamental to make a positive impression on the customer, as soon as he walks in the hotel. As far as the rooms are concerned, a furnishing project that is studied in detail is crucial in guaranteeing a maximum comfort for customers. In addition to a bed, bedside tables, wardrobe and possibly a desk, if the space allows it, it is possible to consider inserting a small sofa, a storage cabinet with mini-bar, accessories to hang clothes on and, obviously, a bathroom equipped with all the necessary elements.

How to organize the spaces of restaurants and bars

Nowadays, a good furnishing project for restaurants and bars, is more essential than ever in order to add character to the place. The main part of the customer’s experience, indeed, is made by the place where they have decided to have their coffee break, have a quick lunch or book a dinner. No matter the size of the space, is it good to organize it based on its purposes. For instance, a bar will always have a part dedicated to the counter and to the service of passing customers and a part dedicated to those who want to sit down, with tables and comfortable and convenient chairs. In the case of a restaurant it is possible to plan also for a waiting area, possibly adjacent to the bar area, where present, so to allow customers to have a drink while waiting.

How to plan tidy and well furnished shops

Like for all commercial activities, designing the spaces and afterwards the furnishing of a shop is crucial in determining the customers’ shopping experience, as it allows to display goods in the best possible way ad therefore to guide customers while they do their shopping. No doubt that the view is the first factor to consider. In this case the design furniture shall enhance the goods display as much as possible, finding out even surprising solutions but without prevailing.
Secondly, furnishing complements need to be positioned in a way that anyone can touch the product with their own hands. Moreover, it is important that the style of all furniture reflects the visual identity of the store.

How to furnish public areas

Contract furniture is not solely about solutions thought for merely commercial activities, such as hotels, bars, restaurants and stores; in fact it also encompasses furnishing solutions for public areas. This is the case of museums and conference rooms, as well as of institutional offices and schools that have precise requirements with regards to space designing as they welcome a large number of people. Once the compliance with the subject-specific rules in force has been verified, the project, therefore, has to take into account the needs of the users of these spaces - first of all by working on the removal of all architectural barriers - and then dedicating a specific study to the flaw of people in order to better evaluate how a group of people can move in the space and allow for a more efficient planning.

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