WallPepper®/Group LAGOON Papel de parede ecológico lavável livre de PVC

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LAGOON By WallPepper®/Group


Papel de parede ecológico lavável livre de PVC

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The wallpaper Lagoon evokes the wonders of nature, its elements and its inhabitants.‎ A succession of images that reveal seasons, enchanting and suggestive landscapes, exotic and distant places made of colors, plants and flowers with a unique charm.‎

Every graphic could be printed on all the materials and systems available:
WP/Smooth TNT is our non-woven wallpaper, it’s composed by agave and cellulose with unique features: soft to the touch, washable with neutral solutions, designed for indoor decoration; its composition allows the spaces to breath, to decorate with charm.‎

Our consistent research for innovative and comfortable solutions led WallPepper®/Group to develop special technical materials and systems to bring the WallPepper creativity in every space, with no limits to creativity.‎
Such as WP/Suede: PET recycled material, washable even with aggressive detergents, it's naturally stain-resistant without any needs for protecting finishing.‎

Special Technical Systems:
WP/Acoustic: for a real acoustic containment.‎
WP/H2O: for use in spaces affected by humidity and in contact with water.‎
WP/Strong: for superior mechanical resistance.‎
WP/OFF: for applications on any external surface.‎

All our special systems have a surface finish with the protective WALLSILK®/ANTIBACTERIAL certified "CE”.‎

WallPepper®/Group, an authentic expression of a high quality Made in Italy, offers customized decorative solutions, made only with natural, eco-compatible, PVC-free, certified and fire-resistant materials.‎
WallPepper® surfaces meet all stringent criteria related to human health and can be used for the decoration of hospitals, schools and restaurants.‎ They comply with the Greenguard Children & Schools standard and have earned, among many others, the prestigious IMO/MED certification for use in shipbuilding.‎

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