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Canaleta eléctrica

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NODO is an innovative track that lets you position and move sockets, lighting fixtures and accessories wherever and whenever you want with a simple gesture and without tools.‎
The architectural design is free from electrical system rigidities, leaving space to decisions, choices, and to any change.‎ The flexibility of the system results in economic benefits due to the limitation of the masonry work and design benefits given by the freedom to move, add and remove the plugs.‎

The three-phase track becomes ultra flat.‎ We included the three-phase track technology in an ultra-flat profile in order to combine the total 11 kW Max (3x16A) power to the flexibility of 3 separate lines.‎
NODO allows the socket elements and light to be fed at any point of the track.‎
NODO is protected internationally by industrial invention patents.‎

NODO is an extremely safe system and can be installed in many conditions of use, both in domestic and public environments.‎ Made in compliance with lighting system and electrical conduit safety standards [CEI-EN 61534-1/21 and CEI-EN 60598-1] to be installed in accordance with law in accordance with the CEI 64-8 installation provisions.‎
All parts that compose the system, the NODO BOX socket groups and the lighting sources are directly connected to the earth line.‎

You can install:
a.‎ sockets
b.‎ lamps (Neutra, Nuo, Strip Led, Flat)
c.‎ accessories (shelf, paper towel roll holder, hook, burglar alarm)

Mais informações do fabricante sobre NODO
a. sockets
NODO BOX is the socket system element that lets you simultaneously connect two devices for a maximum load of 3840W load [16A/250V].
It is designed in the high and low version to integrate the most common national and international sockets. NODO BOX with dual USB charger is coupled to the Italian/German standard socket.
b. lamps
NEUTRA: LED spotlight for Down Light lighting.
NUO: LED lighting device with a flexible arm. 
STRIP LED: Flexible and dimmable LED strip. 
FLAT: LED ceiling light, fully integrates to the track.
c. accessories
Design, materials and finishes of the accessories follow the line of the project.
The SHELF, HOOK and PAPER TOWEL ROLL HOLDER accessories add functionality to the track and free the work surface from unnecessary clutter.
35010 Satin silver
35110 Polished silver
35310 White
Shelf for objects arranged for the placement of a tablet into two different inclinations.
Use is only possible with the track mounted on the wall.
Maximum capacity 2.5 Kg
Net weight Kg 0.75
35020 Satin silver
35120 Polished silver
35320 White
Shelf with opening for housing paper towels [0 max 16 cm] or dish cloth.
Use is only possible with the track mounted on the wall.
Maximum capacity 2.5 Kg
Net weight Kg 0.60
35030 Satin silver
Dish towel/kitchen tool hook.
Use is only possible with the track mounted on the wall.
Maximum capacity 300 gr.
Net weight Kg 0.02
19004 Satin silver [5 pieces]
To be applied using integrated double sided tape to the sliding part of the Shuttle device present in NODO BOX, NUO,
NEUTRAL in order to prevent movement and the consequent possibility of removal.
Spessore/Thickness 20 mm.
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