Gervasoni INOUT 91 - 92 - 93 Florero de cerâmica

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INOUT 91 - 92 - 93 By Gervasoni


Florero de cerâmica

INOUT by Gervasoni is a bottle in blue, white or anthracite grey ceramic.‎ Not suitable for liquids.‎

Gervasoni dedicates its outdoor collection to all the different ways of imagining the pleasure of to spend time in the open air.‎ A garden, a terrace carved out from the city rooftops, a patio by the sea.‎.‎.‎ outdoor spaces should always be welcoming and special.‎ Exotic suggestions are alternated with elements of sophisticated essentiality.‎ Traditional outdoor materials are paired with latest generation ones, specifically designed for outdoor furniture, weather resistant yet no less seductive and poetic.‎ Because every open-air space should have its own soul, just like a home.‎ With a special focus on nature and the environment, from the origin of the materials to the production processes.‎

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