FLEXFORM VULCANO | Sofá de jardim

Sofá de jardim secional de tecido com estojo removível

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FLEXFORM / VULCANO | Sofá de jardim / Sofá de jardim secional de tecido com estojo removível

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VULCANO | Sofá de jardim


Sofá de jardim secional de tecido com estojo removível


de tecido

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The woven pattern especially dear to Flexform has inspired many products in the indoor collection, and it is now the distinctive motif in the VULCANO seating system.‎ Features that are part of its DNA, like compositional flexibility and a high degree of customization, coupled with a determination to find just the right materials to ensure optimum performance outdoors, form the core design elements of the VULCANO sofa.‎

The sofa base is made of marine plywood, while the armrest and backrest structures are in austenitic stainless steel 316, a super alloy that ensures superior performance in outdoor settings.‎ The woven upholstery is made of polypropylene fiber or polyurethane rubber and comes in a sophisticated palette of colors that range from earth tones to bordeaux and olive green.‎

The sofa sits on a perimeter frame in austenitic stainless steel 316 and nylon pads.‎ To ensure optimal outdoor performance, all the padded cushions are encased in a special lining material made of breathable water-repellent fabric, while the vast collection of outdoor upholstery fabrics guarantees excellent resistance not only to the effects of weather and the sun but also to chlorine and salt water.‎ It is strongly advised that the respective covers be used to keep the Vulcano sofas in top condition and prolong their original beauty as much as possible.‎

- Backrest and armrest in stainless steel 316 with electropolished finish or epoxy-powder-coated in white 100, wine red 405, khaki green 705, or burnished finish; or in woven extruded pvc with nylon core in anthracite 7005, bordeaux 7002, white 7007, sand 7008, brown 7004, green 7006; or in polypropylene cord in sand 8001, anthracite 8005, bordeaux 8002, green 8006, white 8007, brown 8004.‎
- Base in epoxy powder-coated stainless steel 316 and marine plywood panel.‎ Rests on pads made of thermoplastic material
- Seat cushion in polyurethane foam covered in a protective, water-repellent laminated fabric
- Backrest cushion in polyurethane foam and polyester fiber covered with a protective, water-repellent laminated fabric
- Optional cushions in polyester fiber with water-repellent upholstery.‎ Optional cushions are upon request, with upcharge
- Upholstery in removable fabric
- Cover in waterproof material; the cover is upon request, with upcharge.‎

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