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Sofá curvo com chaise-longues


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Flap Diamond is a studded with 750 thousand Swarovski crystals, born thanks to a collaboration with Swarovski, mixes the purity of crystal with design excellence.‎ Diamond is a collection dedicated to those who appreciate beauty and sensuality.‎

Edra puts man, the highest wishes about comfort and relax, at the centre, and every day edra works towards that goal.‎ Edra comfort is an extraordinary dimension of life, which can be presented in many different ways, but always at the highest level.‎
Craftmanship is an essential working method to provide edra’s quality, the oldest and newest one, and it is through craftsmanship that knowledge is handed down: work is done according to a high-tech project, while thinking back to the good manual skills that have always existed here in Tuscany.‎ The hands are the only way to provide the most excellent quality.‎ The hands can sense, adapt, build, convey and achieve goals that machines simply cannot.‎    
An essential balance between technology and beauty, between reason and instant wonder.‎
This is one of edra's values: passion, which creates the greatest quality.‎
The one that belongs to its land, Tuscany, the heart of Italy, the one that gave the world the masterpieces of Renaissance.‎
At edra, fabrics and upholsteries are an integral part of any project, in engineering and aesthetic terms, not just trendy or colourful covers.‎
Every product in the Collection is preceded by extensive research into the ideal covering to complement their tactile and technological features: edra devises and designs the materials that can be helpful for any project, and then it produces them on an exclusive basis so they will be perfect for its collections.‎

The version Diamond mixes the purity of crystal with design excellence.‎ Born from a collaboration with Swarovski, the Austrian company leading producer of cut crystal, it’s a collection dedicated to those who appreciate luxury and sensuality.‎ The first piece, Flap Diamond, was produced in 2001: a Flap studded with 750 thousands Swarovski crystals.‎ In 2005, other precious pieces were born: Getsuen and Tatlin Diamond, sparkling light with Swarovski crystals.‎ Each piece is “signed” by the brands of both companies, etched on a metallic label: a guarantee of authenticity and uniqueness for true objects of desire.‎
The magic of Diamond Collection CrystallizedTM with Swarovski is achieved using a special high-strength fabric containing Kevlar, to which the crystals are applied after cutting.‎ The technology “hot fix”, patented by Swarovski, allows you to create any decor by applying the crystals to the fabric.‎ The finished fabric is then sewn by hand directly on to the product.‎ A craft of haute couture.‎

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