Peter Eland, Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Kasper Rønn

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Norm Architects consists of the design-duo Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn. They both went to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.
Norm was founded in 2008 as a multidisciplinary design studio focusing on residential architecture, commercial interiors and industrial design.
Together, Kasper and Jonas are highly successful as creators of architecture, furniture, and interior objects. Norm has received several
Norm builds on the Scandinavian design tradition. The two designers are inspired by the Nordic scenery and use natural materials to ensure a long life to their design objects. Their designs are simple and minimalist but also with an attention to detail which gives the objects an inviting twist. In addition to beautiful workmanship and aesthetic simplicity, the designers behind Norm insist that the essence of viability and long lasting products lies in keeping an uncensored relationship with nature. ... Altro ... meno
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