PALLADIO 20/10® | Fenêtre en Corten™

Porte-fenêtre levant-coulissante en Corten™

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PALLADIO / 20/10® | Fenêtre en Corten™ / Porte-fenêtre levant-coulissante en Corten™

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20/10® | Fenêtre en Corten™

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Porte-fenêtre levant-coulissante en Corten™


en Corten™

The 20/10® profile is the emblem of Palladio quality – the so-called “Palladio tubular type”.‎ It has anti-intrusion class 4 and 5, and has been tested on anti-explosion, anti-bullet and anti-flood frames.‎ The steel is 2 mm thick, and the profiles undergo continuous zinc welding, and are available with Sendzimir galvanizing or in stainless steel 304 and PT® AISI 316 L.‎ The system has a wide range of sizes and accessories, meaning it is ideal for very large windows with a minimum amount of frame on view.‎ The seal holder groove improves the air and water tightness.‎ The strength of the profile improves working with welding and cutting, and it also allows calendaring operations.‎

Summary Of The Main Features

• 2mm of thickness
• welding in continuous with overlapping in zinc
• Sendzimir galvanized steel, AISI 304 and Inox  PT® AISI 316 L stainless steel
• coplanar or with overlapping
• wide range of sizes and accessories
• housing of large pieces of glass with minimum visual impact of the frame (even only 10 mm besides the tongue in the Opificium® series)
• class 4 and 5 of anti-burglary are possible
• hermetic sealing thanks to the gasket groove, best performance obtainable for water-air-and-wind tightness
• possibility of protection against flooding, explosions and bullets
• suitable and sturdy accessories
• bending

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