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PALLADIO / TABS® | Baie vitrée coulissante / Baie vitrée coulissante en acier

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TABS® | Baie vitrée coulissante

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Baie vitrée coulissante en acier


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TABS® is a revolutionary type of ventilated insulated profile made entirely in 2 mm thick stainless steel, without any other materials inserted.‎ The excellent performance is given by the convective air flow which, as it circulates inside the profile through a double set of rectangular slots offset lengthways, blocks heat dispersion and maintains very high mechanical strength.‎ The “closed joint” construction system forms an excellent water barrier, meaning it can also be used in the anti-flood models.‎ The frame section is studied to hold multi-chambered and armoured glass, guaranteeing the required high levels of heat and sound insulation and safety.‎ By applying the “thermal shield” the frame can be customized with all the available finishes, and also provides exceptional advantages and economy in both the construction and installation phases.‎ The use of a single material and perfectly removable seals mean the system is totally ecofriendly and recyclable.‎ TABS® is available on the entire Palladio 20/10® range in galvanized steel and stainless steel PT® AISI 304 and AISI 316L.‎ TermoAreoBlindoxScocca® can now also be fitted with forced ventilation.‎

Summary Of The Main Features
• the frame made with the ventilated thermal break profiles by Palladio® is equipped with an auto-ventilation system which works with the window closed and increases significantly its thermal and acoustic insulation;
• the profile is studied to ease the air circulation inside the tubular components of the frame, allowing the convective movements to stop or disperse the heat and cold coming from outside;
• 2 mm thick seam welded profiles with unparalleled mechanical sturdiness, absence of insulating materials similar to plastic that compromise the stability of profiles;
• completely eco-friendly;
• the construction method is by closed joint, a barrier against water, wind, pollutants, insects and weather conditions;
• the depth has been studied to fit double glazing and armoured glasses to reach the utmost degree of insulation and protection;
• the thermal shield allows any kind of finishing on the steel profiles and offers considerable advantages and economies during construction and fitting;
• the utmost customization is guaranteed by the countless finishing effects available and by the possibility of coating the frame at any time quickly and cost effectively on the inside, to • answer the aesthetical need for an external façade totally different from the interior;

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