newform O'RAMA Tête de douche à effet pluie de plafond

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newform / O'RAMA | Tête de douche de plafond / Tête de douche à effet pluie de plafond

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O'RAMA | Tête de douche de plafond By newform


Tête de douche à effet pluie de plafond

Art.‎ 68641 - Ceiling round head shower with raining jet, Ø 270 mm.‎

O'Rama product line is a vision that goes further usual design, it is a dynamic and absolute perspective.‎ The new collection by Newform is the reinterpretation of simplicity as a means of expression: simple to choose and use.‎
O'Rama is recognizable and essential because it is composed by a solid structure reaching upward, that it gives a feeling of power and at the same time it highlights its balanced geometric lines .‎ An elegant and discreet design, with minimal and simplified forms, makes the faucet an iconic product.‎ The mixer consists of a compact body, and a lever that characterizes the product giving an original and energetic touch, placing it between the top collections of the brand.‎ The heart of the project is the constantly research for new forms that has lead to conceive a mixer by harmonious lines and easy to use.‎ O'Rama offers many combinations of materials and colors, making it customizable and proposing different solutions for interior design.‎ The tap is available totally chromed or with the lever in the black matt or white lacquer finish, to highlight and emphasize the details of the product.‎

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Collection O'RAMA par newform
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