MGS ER519 Mitigeur de baignoire en acier inoxydable avec douchette à fixation au sol

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ER519 | Mitigeur de baignoire By MGS


Mitigeur de baignoire en acier inoxydable avec douchette à fixation au sol

ER519.‎ Colonne bain bec SQ avec douche à main - cartouche haut débit.‎

Ergon.‎‎ A spin off of the Minimal line, characterized by the knurled handles.‎‎ The line is now being extended, creating a collection on its own.‎‎
The new redesigned handle is now even more comfortable to operate, also with wet hands.‎‎  

MGS Ergon - Black Steel.‎
Characterized by finely knurled handles, the Ergon collection is a perfect example of the MGS manufacturing philosophy.‎ The high precision machining executed on AISI316L Marine Grade Solid stainless steel bars, is comparable to the fine craftsmanship used for fine jewelry and for luxury watches.‎ Every detail matters!
The extremely low tolerances and hand polishing guarantee a perfect assembly, resulting in smooth and comfortable feel.‎ The carefully executed knurling offers excellent grip, also with wet hands.‎ The wall mounted ER291 taps are supplied with optional stick levers.‎
The seamless Black Steel finish is obtained by implementing the PVD process over brushed stainless steel.‎ It took years of research to obtain our level of execution with PVD technology: the steel surface is penetrated by metal powder at molecular level.‎ The stainless steel surface structure is hardened obtaining an extremely durable and resistant finish.‎
In addition to Black Steel, the Ergon collection is available in matte or polished stainless steel, as well as in PVD Titanium, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold.‎

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Collection Ergon par MGS
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