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Table de jardin ronde en ciment

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NOTES | Table de jardin

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Table de jardin ronde en ciment


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Table available for indoor and outdoor, with cement top (indoor/outdoor use), wood or glass (indoor use only)
Indoor/Outdoor version: Ø30mm tubular steel frame
with junction steel bar, section 80x15, coated with epoxy polyester powder RAL-K7 9010 white, RAL K7-9017 black or gunmetal gray.‎ For the outdoor version only, finish with a galvanizing base for outdoor.‎
Top in cement (indoor/outdoor use) consisting of a high performance grout i-design EFFIX® and ALUCOBOND® panel sp.‎ 10mm with embedded fastening to fix it to the base.‎ Finish with a protective silicone based product, hydro and oleo repellent.‎ Top in wood, with water-based acrylic paint finish, made in “sandwich” of MDF and aluminum sheet pressed and glued together, veneered with 10/10 plates of chestnut, natural or charcoal dyed; Natural or charcoal-dyed oak and Stone Oak®; beveled edge and bottom are always matt satin- finish.‎
Top in 12mm tempered clear glass to which are fixed, with a UV-cured adhesive, small plates with a conical counter bore to align it with the structure, then fixed with grubs crews.‎

Proposed so far in cement, wood or glass is now available in blue glass, to give it a touch of sophisticated elegance.‎

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