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Solid Surface


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HI-MACS® est un matériau « solid surface » pouvant adopter un nombre illimité de formes.‎ Il est largement utilisé pour les applications architecturales et d'intérieur, telles que les revêtements muraux, les comptoirs de cuisines, les salles bains ou encore le mobilier, aussi bien dans les espaces commerciaux, résidentiels que publics.‎ Ce mélange d'acrylique, de minéraux naturels et de pigments forme une surface lisse, non poreuse et sans joints apparents répondant ainsi aux plus hautes normes esthétiques, de fabrication, de fonctionnalité et d'hygiène.‎

HI-MACS® offre des possibilités illimitées de surfaçage et inspire les créateurs du monde entier.‎  Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Karim Rashid ou encore David Chipperfield, ont réalisé de fabuleux projets en HI-MACS®.‎  

Grâce à son procédé de chauffage simple et ses capacités de thermoformage en trois dimensions, HI-MACS® de LG Hausys permet des finitions sans joints apparents.‎ Il offre une gamme quasi-illimitée de couleurs avec, pour certaines nuances, une translucidité particulière lorsqu'il est exposé à la lumière.‎ Bien que HI-MACS® soit presque aussi solide que la pierre, il se travaille de la même manière que le bois : il peut être scié, défoncé, percé ou poncé.‎

HI-MACS® est fabriqué selon une technologie de pointe : le traitement thermique.‎ La température atteinte lors du procédé de fabrication différencie HI-MACS® des autres solid surface et crée un matériau encore plus dense, plus homogène et plus robuste.‎  

Composition and technology
HI-MACS® is the New Generation of solid surface. It is composed of 70% natural stone powder derived from bauxite, 25% high quality acrylic resin and 5% natural pigments.
During the manufacturing process, HI-MACS® is heated to very high temperatures by means of an advanced firing heat treatment. This procedure makes HI-MACS® different from other types of acrylic stone, giving it better uniformity and making it more resistant to shocks and UV rays.
HI-MACS® is available in around 100 different colours in various ranges; Solids, Granite, Sand, Pearl & Quartz, Volcanics, Lucent, Eden, Galaxy, Marmo and the Sparkle Collection (Key Lime, Kandy Pink, Kreemy Grey, Kold Silver e Kanada Violet) designed by Karim Rashid.
Sheet dimensions
HI-MACS® allows for visually seamless manipulation. Smooth integration enables large areas without joints or edges as well as flush mounting of sinks or bowls. Not only do objects made from this solid surface material appear to be works of art cast from a single mould, the material’s seamless manipulation and non-porous nature create surfaces which are extremely hygienic and easy-to-clean.
The seamless finish also allows for repair and replacement without a visible trace should any part of a HI-MACS® installation be damaged at any time.
HI-MACS® boasts a simple heating process and three dimensional thermoplastic forming capabilities. This allows for greater forming flexibility compared with other conventional materials so that spectacular ideas can quickly take on a concrete shape. No radius, shape or angle is impossible. The logical conclusion: a material that moulds to your idea and designs – not the other way around. Exactly how it should be.
Along with choice of material, colour selection is a crucial factor when it comes to high-quality design. HI-MACS® offers a virtually limitless range of colours in all conceivable shades. More are being added every year, no matter what colour you choose, HI-MACS® remains 100% homogeneous.
Certain colours and thicknesses of HI-MACS® exhibit a special translucency when exposed to light. Various textures and patterns can be built into the material to intensify the HI-MACS® translucency effect. Depending on the light source, pattern and design, spectacular cut-out effects can add visual interest and create a completely new sense of space. The translucent properties of this solid surface material make it the perfect choice for lamps and illuminated furnishings.
Although HI-MACS® is almost as robust as stone, it can be worked in the same way as wood. Using conventional
carpenters’ tools, this solid surface material can be sawn, routed or drilled. It lends itself to the creation of an endless variety of multi-dimensional forms and much, much more. No wonder most people working with the material have a background in woodworking and appreciate HI-MACS® as a natural partner for innovative ideas.
HI-MACS® holds a number of international certifications with regard to the environment, hygiene and fire resistance, such as ISO 9001 and 14001, Greenguard, NSF, LGA and IMO MED certification (Modules B and D), among others.
HI-MACS® stands out for its excellent quality service, guaranteed by its Quality Club programme, consisting of a network of expert manufacturers and approved distributors across Europe. HI-MACS® offers the longest guarantee service on the market: 15 years.
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