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Receveur de douche rectangulaire en Silexpol®


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LIMITE - FIORA’S extra thin shower tray with invisible drain, in the newest Betao texture.‎

Fiora, the Spanish company who successfully combine production techniques and artisan manufacturing, using the most modern industrial technology, is now continuing its passion for design and aesthetics with the LIMITE shower tray.‎ The LIMITE shower tray is extra thin and has invisible drains.‎ It is produced with the exclusive Betao texture, both in white (extra white) and black.‎ LIMITE is a functional and ultrathin shower tray, characterized by its hidden drain perfectly integrated space, creating a clean and glamorous look.‎ Therefore, the particularity of this shower tray is that the draining is totally unseen.‎ LIMITE is available in Pizarra and Betao textures.‎

LIMITE is manufactured in polyurethane, a material with exclusive technological features perfectly adapted to surfaces exposed to humidity.‎ With both textures, LIMITE is available in nine colours and in a variety of sizes and shapes so it can be adapted to any surface.‎ The range of colours that Fiora can produce is the result of a meticulous chromatic survey and it also increases the possibilities of customization by offering two new possible shades: Silk and Nude.‎ The shower tray can be made in all the colors included in the international RAL standard.‎ By combining with the Skin Panels (Wall panels), it is possible to change a bathtub into a shower area with a clean tactile finish and an appealing look, minimizing any necessary work.‎

Combining, Iberian quality and creativity, Fiora uses original polyurethane textures (that ensure a reliable barrier against humidity) in most of its products (shower trays, furniture and radiators), as well as a chromatic analysis of the materials.‎ Regarding the manufacturing process, all the products under the Fiora brand umbrella benefit from the most accurate production techniques, maintaining the importance of the artisan brand’s essence.‎ Besides, Fiora always considers sustainability.‎ In fact, the company has been working for ten years now with a clear “green” vocation and is aware of the importance of the right use of our planet’s scarce natural resources.‎

The finishes of the Fiora designs create a perfect dialogue between materials and light, finishes and spaces, offering a unique tactile experience for every surface.‎ They are the result of a meticulous development process.‎ Each piece has been handcrafted and has been produced through precise industrial processes.‎

Les receveurs de douche Limite se caractérisent par une épaisseur extra-fine et un drain dissimulé d côté court, ce qui le rend totalement inaperçu.‎ Créé avec du silexpol, un matériau de pointe spécialement adapté aux zones humides, Limite est disponible en finitions Pizarra et Betao, en 9 couleurs différentes et dans une grande variété de dimensions pour s’adapter à chaque espace.‎ En combinaison avec nos solutions de panneaux, vous pouvez changer la baignoire par un receveur de douche avec une finition propre et esthétique.‎

Receveur de douche Limite, extra plat et avec siphon caché.‎ 2 textures, Pizarra et Betao et 9 couleurs.‎

W. 700/1000 mm
L. 1000/2000 mm
t. 2,5 cm
Dimensions LIMITE
Bim et Cao

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PLATO LIMITE 100x80 (3D)
PLATO LIMITE 200x90 (3D)
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PLATO LIMITE 100x100 (3D)
PLATO LIMITE 120x70 (3D)

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