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Philippe Starck, créateur à la notoriété internationale et à l’inventivité protéiforme, s’est toujours concentré sur l’essentiel, sa vision: que la création, quelle que soit la forme qu’elle prenne, rende la vie meilleure au plus grand nombre.
Il est à ce titre l’un des pionniers et l’une des figures centrales du concept de «design démocratique».
En déployant son œuvre prolifique dans tous les domaines, produits de notre quotidien (presse-agrumes, mobilier, vélo électrique ou éolienne individuelle), architecture (hôtels, restaurants aspirant à être des lieux stimulants), ingénierie navale et spatiale (méga yachts, capsule d’habitation pour tourisme spatial privé), il n’a cessé de repousser les limites et les critères du design, devenant l’un des créateurs les plus visionnaires et reconnus de la scène internationale contemporaine. Philippe Starck et sa femme, Jasmine, vivent principalement dans les airs ou dans des "milieux de nulle part".

Philippe Starck was born in 1949. From his childhood spent beneath the drawing tables of his airplane building, aeronautic engineer father, he retains a primary lesson: everything should be organised elegantly and rigorously, in human relationships as much as in the concluding vision that presides over every creative gesture. His absolute belief that creation should be used and enjoyed by all sees him relentlessly endeavouring to do well, right down to the tiniest detail.
But years later has he really left his first improvised office? According to him, not completely. “Ultimately they were children’s games, imagination games, but thanks to various skills, especially engineering, something happened. I’m a kid who dreams and at the same time I’ve got that light-heartedness and gravity of children. I fully accept the rebellion, the subversion and the humour.”
Starck first showed interest in living spaces while he was a student at the Ecole Nissim de Camondo in Paris, where in 1969 he designed an inflatable house, based on an idea on materiality. This revelation bought his first success at the Salon de l’Enfance. Not long afterwards, Pierre Cardin, seduced by the iconoclastic design, offered him the job of artistic director at his publishing house.
In 1976 and a few emblematic objects later, including a flying lamp and a portable neon sign, this intrepid dreamer created the audacious decor of the night club, La Main Bleue - in Montreuil – demonstrating that no venue is less respectable than another just because of its eccentricity. He went on to do the legendary Parisian nightclub Les Bains Douches and the Starck Club in Dallas.
At the same time he founded his first industrial design company, Starck Product, which he later renamed Ubik after the famous Philip K. Dick novel. Here he initiated his collaborations with the biggest design manufacturers in Italy - Driade, Alessi, Kartell - and the world – Drimmer in Austria, Vitra in Switzerland Swiss and Disform in Spain, among so many others.
In 1983 the President François Mitterrand chose his project to decorate the private residences at the Elysée Palace. ... Plus ... less

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