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In sailing, grinders exert physical strength and endurance, racing to turn the winches on sea-going yachts to raise the sails, with a classic crank motion.‎ The NOHrD WaterGrinder brings this intense sport to your home, enabling you to achieve the impressive fitness levels of a racing grinder, without having to forego the element of water.‎
The WaterGrinder is extremely easy to use, while offering a variety of training options.‎ Performance monitor, hand pedals and seat are all adjustable for comfort and workout intensity.‎ The Grinder’s solid-wood frame is designed to suit both home and fitness studio environments.‎
The WaterGrinder’s paddle is ergonomically shaped to provide smooth, even resistance as it moves through the water tank.‎ Water resistance is self-determined: with each move it can precisely adjust to strength input.‎ The harder you crank the hand pedals, the higher the resistance.‎ Feel close to the seas with the swishing, rhythmic sound of water as you train.‎

Ideal Upper Body Exercise
The WaterGrinder offers a cardiovascular workout using just your upper body.‎ Compact in design, the WaterGrinder uses water for resistance, minimizing impact on joints and the back – ideal for rehabilitation.‎ For chronic injuries, the WaterGrinder is perfect if suffering from joint and lower back pain.‎ Providing users with all the necessary stimuli for better upper body strength and mobility, a Grinder workout delivers effective muscle fatigue for an extremely efficient strength and endurance workout.‎

Performance Monitor with Touch Screen
The WaterGrinder is fitted with a touch screen Performance Monitor as standard, which swivels to either side of the machine for training on your preferred side.‎  The Performance Monitor records and displays metrics including distance, calories, speed, and time.‎
The Grinder’s Performance Monitor easily adjusts to different heights and to both sides of the machine to suit your workout in seating or standing position.‎
The WaterGrinder “Workout of the Day” is great, daily motivation.‎ Or challenge yourself to one of the pre-programmed workouts.‎ Follow personal performance data such as heartrate, Watt, calorie burn and rpm – all evaluated on display at the completion of your workout.‎ The training system further offers Free Training and Play modes.‎
• Workout of the Day performance data: heartrate, Watt, calorie burn, rpm, workout overview
• Pre-porgrammed workouts: select focus, length and intensity
• Free Training model: kcal, Watt

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110 x 80 x H.120 cm
43,3" x 31,5" x 47,2"
Maximum user weight: 120 kg
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