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Aparatos de gimnasio

The NOHrD Wall - select from up to 5 modules for both shorter, high-intensive interval training sessions, as well as a combination of various functional workouts.‎ The NOHrD Wall guarantees a wide range of exercise possibilities within minimal required space.‎ Designed as a fitness solution, the NOHrD Wall is ideal for the private individual outfitting a home studio, hotels wanting to provide exclusive workout possibilities in their rooms, or professional fitness experts.‎
A complete exercise station with an integrated, virtual coach
All elements of the NOHrD Wall are the result of highest quality design and technical know-how - thoroughly studied and developed in every detail.‎ The main feature is its virtual training system, an interactive, digital Coach able to combine all modules of the NOHrD Wall to lead the user through structured workouts.‎ For a basic configuration of the NOHrD Wall, both cable machine versions are recommended, following our SlimBeam and WaterWorkx resistance systems.‎
Version 1: a cable system using water resistance, the integrated turbine provides for joint-friendly and fluid movement
Version 2: Individual, rubberized weight plates challenge your muscles with each exercise
By implementing both cable systems, the NOHrD Wall guarantees a wide range of highly effective, functional workouts and exercise sessions.‎
In addition, the NOHrD Wall exercise range can be expanded by further, optional components: The SwingBell set fits into the main section, while the WallBar module is ideal for stretching exercise.‎ Further options can include drawers, as well as a safe or mini-bar for refreshments.‎

The NOHrD Wall, made of  (oak, cherry, walnut) wood, can be adapted to meet any customer demands.‎ All modules are freely combinable to suit your needs.‎ We welcome the opportunity to work together, to determine the suitable combination, following any parameters of available space, demands and possibilities.‎ We will accompany your project in all phases from design, development, to completion.‎
The measurements of the NOHrD Wall are 110inch (width)x 95inch (height) and 13 inch (depth).‎ Although it is possible to change the width of the WallBars and storage components.‎

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Minimum: 120 x 220 x 32 cm
Maximum: 280 x 240 x 32 cm
Minimum: 47,2" x 86,6" x 12,6"
Maximum: 110,2" x 94,5" x 12,6"
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