FLASH METAL | Lámpara de mesa

Lámpara de mesa LED de polietileno sin cable

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FLASH METAL | Lámpara de mesa By Qeeboo


Lámpara de mesa LED de polietileno sin cable


de polietileno (PE)

Año del diseño

FLASH - table and wall lamp
Ligh source: 4W Cordless LED rechargeable operated by remote control
Light color: White
Autonomy: 6 Hours

FLASH - Metallic finishings
Materials: PE Translucent matt polyethylene
Flashlight colors: Silver, copper, gold and black

"Flash, saviour of the universe.‎
He's for every one of us, stand for every one of us
He save with a mighty hand, every man, every woman, every child, with a mighty Flash!Ever since we banished the darkness from our caves, and Luke faced Darth Vader in Star Wars, no light has been so important as Flash.‎ Light is more than LED and flashlights, light is life.‎ A flashlight is the saviour of the worst times.‎ Flashlights are disasters, adventures, burglary, ghost stories, childhood, saviours all in one object.‎ I once had my power turned off because I forgot the bill so here I am lighting the whole place with Flash.‎ It;s the devious of the universe.‎
A Flash in the dark, the destroyer of shadows.‎ "
– Job Smeets

The light bursts out of the FLASH to then keep still in a solid form that adheres the tool to the wall or to the table.‎ Is light stronger than matter?  

Más información del fabricante sobre FLASH METAL | Lámpara de mesa Qeeboo
230 x 290 x 480 mm
Dimensiones FLASH METAL | Lámpara de mesa

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