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Fuoripista is an indoor training Stationary Bike that becomes a sculptural element with its elegant and iconic image, proposing a totally new design compared to the typical formalities of sports equipment.‎
Whether it's inside a loft, a posh neighborhood or a countryside villa, an office overlooking the city skyline or a metropolitan co-working area, an exclusive club or a five-star suite, the Fuoripista Bikespeaks a new wellness and exercise language, inserting performance values into a sophisticated design approach with a strong aesthetic appeal.‎
Beechwood, multilayered glass, aluminum, steel and leather compose a high-quality product, refined to the minutest details.‎ Adriano Design chose valuable materials and designed an essential silhouette for the bike to fit into luxury contexts, both domestic and professional: it's an object to show off that ensures ergonomic solutions, cutting-edge technological contents and certified technical accuracy.‎

Tech specs
Max simulated gradient 60rpm 8km/h: 25%
Max load bearing: 110 kg
Resistance levels: 16
Power measurement accuracy: 2,5%
Battery life (rechargeable lithium battery): 10 hrs
Accessories kit: 4 feet + 1 tablet terminal support + 1 handlebar tightening knob + 1 5mm hex key + 1 power supply + 1 Seatpost adjustment wrench
> Pre-assembled bicycle (only the feet and tablet terminal support are left to assemble).‎

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Valuable materials
The Fuoripista Bike originates from a series of artisanal processes, with various subsequent manufacturing phases up until the assembly and testing via ELITE-managed automated tests - to mechanically simulate pedaling at different speed and power levels with the aim of calibrating it - all confirmed by a final in-house product check, conducted by an athlete.
Materials have been chosen for their value but also because they're natural and sustainable, ideal to live day by day in conjunction with those that inhabit the environment it's set in.
Packing includes a wooden crate, designed to ship the totally assembled bike, so the user doesn't have to do much setup and can start using it right away.
We chose tempered multilayered glass for the legs, as it's ideal for out-of-the-saddle sprints and ensures maximum resistance to mechanical efforts and shocks.
The big, 50 cm in diameter and 15 kg of weight flywheel is also made of multilayered glass - it's one of the biggest in the indoor training market and also the ideal instrument to allow for a hyper realistic simulation of the pedaling movement, especially when high power output is being developed.
The main lintel is made of closed-pore painted beech hardwood, with a water-based multi-layered coating that makes it watertight.
All the functional elements - levers, seatpost, knobs, pedals, resistance unit area - and the structural details are made in aluminium alloy and stainless steel. Handlebar is wrapped in leather bands and the saddle too is made of leather.
Cutting-edge project
Performing, interactive, social (and quiet, too!): The Fuoripista Bike astonishes for its top notch functional features and indoor cycling's most technologically advanced equipment, so it's possible to experiment with any type of training, at the same time monitoring all of your performance data and connect both to the virtual coach and to the community.
This bike is designed to always fit perfectly –from S to XL size– as both the saddle and the handlebar are adjustable, so you can personalize it based on your body type and thus always maintain the proper posture while training. The Fuoripista Bike also employs a very quiet technology that makes it possible for you to pedal anytime and under any circumstance.
Fuoripista Bike has been awarded with the Good Design Award 2020 in the Sports-recreation category.
Totally interactive
Fuoripista is a smart-bike: its double communication protocol wirelessly interacts with any app, software, computer, cycle computer, smartphone and tablet on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. This is why it interfaces not just with ELITE's My E-Training software but also with all other indoor cycling platforms on the market.
In order to enjoy a wireless training session, Fuoripista Bike features a lithium battery that ensures up to 10 hours of continuous autonomy.
Simple and straightforward interface
The display at the center of the handlebar intuitively manages connectivity, modes of use, power levels, brake calibration, and also the battery and gear shifts status.
There is an emergency button on the middle of the console that can be activated as needed, acting directly on the brake to temporarily lock the flywheel.
The handlebar also features tablet support.
Virtual shifter and ensured power
Two levers on the Fuoripista Bike adjust resistance: it is an intuitive way to virtually control gear shifters and manage front and rear gears of the bicycle, right as if you were on the road.
These two levers are also useful when training in standalone mode (that is, not connected to other devices) to set the target power value or choose the desired training level.
The Fuoripista Bike also features a magnetic technology power meter that picks up power output data with a very high accuracy level, ensured by an ergometer placed in the bottom bracket axle.
L 150 x D 35<60 x H 120 cm, 70 kg
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