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Lámpara colgante de médula con luz indirecta

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Bottega Intreccio / SFERA / Lámpara colgante de médula con luz indirecta

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Lámpara colgante de médula con luz indirecta


de médula


The lamp line in hand-intertwined wicker is the result of the creative bond between Bottega Intreccio and architect Maurizio Bernabei.‎ A modular system of interweaved cones, embellished by lampshades of various pure geometric shapes.‎ The result is “naturally essential” and at the same time “harmoniously variable”, each piece with its own identity, its “character”.‎ Each shape and each lampshade interacts with the light and space uniquely.‎ Each creation of the Caratteri collection is hand-made by the Masters of Mogliano, exclusively with natural materials.‎ Each element is a unique, unrepeatable piece.‎

Pendant light with lampshade in intertwined wicker, a natural eco-sustainable material typical of the Oriental tradition to process bamboo in order to extract the more malleable core.‎ The spherical shape snaps on the cone trunk, recurring element of all Caratteri pendant lamps.‎
138 metres of wicker are carefully selected and subject to 5 preliminary work phases and then skilfully shaped by the Masters of Mogliano during over 7 hours of patient intertwining.‎ The Sfera lamp is subject to a water-repellent treatment of natural, green, yellow, light blue and red colour.‎ It can be also lacquered in white, black or beige colours.‎ The overall sizes of the sphere are 60Øx95h cm.‎

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Colección Caratteri por Bottega Intreccio
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CARATTERI - Pendant lamps

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