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Lavabo sobre encimera redondo en acero


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The new BetteCraft is a circular, concave washbasin, in a beautiful shell-inspired shape.‎  BetteCraft combines the best of two worlds – the sculptural aesthetics of the finest porcelain shells, and the perfect material for the bathroom: glazed titanium steel.‎ This beautifully-shaped washbasin received the Design Plus Award 2019 at ISH, the world's leading trade fair for the bathroom.‎
The delicate design language and brilliant surface of the BetteCraft are so flawless and artistic that it instantly creates the impression of Chinese porcelain.‎ The German design offices of Tesseraux + Partner created the design which turned Bette's glazed titanium steel into a rounded shape that tapers towards the top and bottom.‎
This kind of shape is unusual in the extremely strong and hard glazed titanium-steel and is usually associated with soft clay and moulding hands at the potter's wheel.‎ To achieve the design every BetteCraft basin is individually made by hand, then glazed on both the inside and outside.‎
Beauty at the service of the useful
The delicate washbasin shell reveals a tremendous presence placed on a console or other suitable furniture base and appears to attract the light.‎
Bette has managed to put beauty in the service of the useful, because the elegant taper of the washbasin shell towards the top is also extremely practical as a splash guard.‎ The easy to clean, long-lasting and virtually indestructible glazed titanium steel does its bit to give the washbasin shell a high practical value in daily life.‎
Ideal for exclusive bathroom architecture
BetteCraft is available in a choice of two sizes.‎ In addition to elegant white, Bette also offers the shell in a range of colours, including exclusive matt shades and in the new effect colours such as sparkling Midnight, velvety Blue Satin or iridescent Forest.‎
Bette also demonstrates a true passion for detail in the waste outlet cover, which is available on request in an enamelled version, making it perfect for any bathroom where good design is of tremendous importance.‎
The successful combination of good design, strong material and consumer benefits also convinced the expert jury of the German Design Council.‎ They presented the  BetteCraft with the Design Plus Award powered by ISH 2019.‎

Ø 350 x 120 mm
Ø 450 x 120 mm
Dimensiones BETTECRAFT
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