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Bergen / Noruega

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Born 1984 in Bergen, Norway and graduated from 'The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture' in Copenhagen.Knut has a great interest in the enterity and dynamics of his designs and creations. The pure use of shape in his design is an image of the traditional Scandinavian design and architecture, based on the material's natural ability. For him, design is seeing the balance in a product and trimming away all unnecessary details. Thereby only the raw design will be experienced. His thoroughness for details gives the products the highest standards of functionality and comfort. Following his contemporary artistic style and expertise, he has managed to merge his international inspiration together with the traditional merits from his Scandinavian roots. In 2007 Knut Bendik established KR with business partner Rune Krøjgaard, and they are now working in collaboration as the Head Designers for Norr11. Together they design products characterized by being functional and pure but maintaining a great understanding of everyday life. For Knut and Rune, simplicity, aesthetics and comfort are the key elements in their creations. Their work has been displayed at numerous Nordic and International exhibitions. ... Más ... less

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