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Located in the Bavarian Alpine Upland, Zeitraum caters to individual clients as well as the contract world. The mountains and the population’s restrained spirit inspire Zeitraum’s wood furniture, which has been produced with the careful use of natural resources since 1990. The company’s complete but essential catalog includes chairs, tables, armoires, sideboards, home and office furniture as well as accessories. Zeitraum's values are rooted in respect for nature with the precise intent of preserving its diversity for future generations as a source of inspiration and sustenance. The Zeitraum commitment can be summed up in the following statement: "A basic element of our corporate strategy is to contribute to a world worth living in." This concrete and sincere pledge has guided the company in implementing total transparency and developing future-oriented sustainability assessments. The three cornerstones of the company's commitment are economic sustainability, thanks to the choice of producing timeless designer furniture locally; ecological sustainability, thanks to responsible use of natural resources and careful management of recycling processes; social sustainability, including respect for worker and human rights, personal relationships with customers and suppliers, and global transparency.

Zeitraum: wood furniture made in Germany

Purity of material and durability of form are the foundations of the Zeitraum approach. All products are designed to be repaired so that they can guarantee longevity and become family heirlooms to pass down through the generations. Zeitraum uses skills acquired from the study of regional production in the Alps and southern Germany combined with cutting-edge techniques. Concept, design and ecology have coexisted in the Zeitraum universe since its inception, especially the use of sustainable hardwoods treated exclusively with organic oils and left porous so that the furniture can breathe and maintain its natural patina. A pure but sophisticated formal language reinforces and amplifies the character of natural wood. From time to time, the company entrusts new designs to international figures that share the company's values. Production is carried out in collaboration with a series of trusted partners, almost all located within a radius of approximately 300 km from the company's main headquarters. Details are not left to chance. Wood is dyed using a unique technology that gives it a semi-transparent finish, allowing its natural texture and depth to remain visible. Upholstery textiles are selected from Kvadrat and Rohi catalogs and are of the highest quality and resistant to wear and stains. All Zeitraum furniture is certified by Ökobaudat, the German Government's information portal for sustainable construction. Products undergo strict quality controls and meet benchmarks that are independent of the company's internal evaluation system. Life cycle assessment data provides precise information regarding raw material sourcing, environmental impact of materials, transportation routes and all processes at every stage of production and use, right through to disposal.

Zeitraum Rail: a modular system for the office and home

A special Zeitraum collection is dedicated to the work environment. Rail includes a series of modular elements, tables and mobile stands that allow clients to adapt the system to their needs. Surfaces can be in wood (natural or stained) or linoleum and can be connected in parallel but also in more creative configurations. In addition to rectangular shapes, colored trapezoidal and square surfaces are also available. Benches, chairs, stools, pinboards and sound-absorbing upholstered components complete the collection to make the workspace even more welcoming. Tables can also be configured for domestic use. With Zeitraum design, office space can be converted into a convivial area in a few quick steps thanks to the Rail anchorage system. In this way, work comes closer to home, and vice versa, with great fluidity. ... More ... less
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