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Zazzeri was established in Florence in 1929 as an artisan workshop for the production of brass faucets. Responding to trends in the 1970s, the company began to manufacture colored taps and collaborate with a number of world-renowned designers. Zazzeri became one of the most emblematic brands of Italian design. Luca Ceri, Simone Micheli, Daniele Bedini, Roberto Innocenti and Catherine Hamon have worked with the company to create taps for washbasins, bathtubs and showers that marked the history of bathroom furnishings. One of its most noted products is the Junko Mix tap designed by Junko Enomoto; it has been on display at New York's MoMa since 1988. Today the brand has a wide-ranging catalog that includes design faucets, bathroom accessories, showerheads and columns. Stylistic coherence combined with attention to detail and innovative technological solutions characterizes the Zazzeri Modern, Classic and Shower collections. Zazzeri is synonymous with Made in Italy design, linked to tradition and characterized by the use of high-quality materials without neglecting innovation inspired by international trends. Today the company boasts a factory with state-of-the-art production processes in Figline e Incisa Val d'Arno. Zazzeri exports its products throughout the world.

The Zazzeri Classic series. Tradition and innovation

The traditional taps and fittings in the Classic collection have an antique feel but are technologically innovative just the same. Rounded lines and recognizable details characterize bidet and sink taps and fittings; they come in classic silver and gold colors, sometimes used together in the same product. Those who prefer timeless elegance inspired by the past but with modern technology can choose Kent. With its repertoire of English-style forms, it is the symbol of this series. The Mille line is simple yet refined. The reinterpreted classicism of its tap and handles is suitable for both country and luxury contexts. The 900 line boasts recognizable forms in a contemporary key and can adapt to any context. The details deserve a closer look; the mixer differs from the spout precisely because of the color contrast, making this model unique.

Design mixers: the Modern collection

The Modern collection is dedicated to those who look for clean lines, a well-defined design and who want something different. The 100 series pays careful attention to detail, has chrome finishes and is easy to use; it is the perfect blend of certified raw materials, cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship. The series obtained German DVGW Certification, which attests that its materials do not release harmful substances into the water. The collection uses the patented Hot Water Limiter technology, which controls the amount of water that can be mixed through the rotation of a lever.
For those who prefer a tall faucet with a waterfall flow, there is the Da-Da line. With different forms and details but the same design concept, Da-da combines functionality and elegance. The Pop line is defined by color. It is a youthful and playful collection, whose faucet neck can be covered with a colorful silicone attachment, making it both cheerful and pleasing to the touch. The Z-316 line is suitable for customers who appreciate rounded accessories and rich details. In stainless steel, this line is available in different models, from the single lever column-mounted mixer to the 3 hole wall-mounted version. The JK21 collection stands out among the new 2020 releases - a contemporary reinterpretation of the iconic Junko Mix faucet.

Zazzeri solutions for showerheads and columns

Zazzeri also produces fixtures for the shower, from showerheads to columns, completing some of the collections. The shower lines include many popular items like the recessed shower group with a tubular shower head and hand-held shower, or the built-in thermostatic shower with flat showerheads, tubular waterfall and LED lighting with 4 or 2 outlets. The catalog also offers solutions for the installation of overhead ceiling-mounted showers in line with the most current trends, or, if the ceiling version is not feasible, wall-mounted overhead showers installed on a sidewall to create a cascade effect. The Shower Dream line brings together the most innovative and stylish solutions like the Shirò collection. With its contemporary lines and a metropolitan flair, the collection consists of water or rainfall showerheads that can be installed both on the wall and ceiling. The Virgin collection includes rainfall showerheads with lighting, wall jets and recessed side showerheads. Designed by Roberto Innocenti, the elegant and compact Obliqua collection offers a series of stainless steel shower columns available in recessed and semi-recessed versions. Zazzeri also produces a wide range of accessories that complete the bathroom, integrating toilet-paper holders, towel holders, soap dishes and shelves with style. ... More ... less

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