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The company was born in 1976 as Suideneto. Today is WUDA. Born and remain as a family business. The proximity to our customers is part of our philosophy. Relations with improved durability and reliability are what allows each home to have a little bit of us but, essentially, much of each client.
Your multidisciplinary team reconciles the tradition and the know-how of the manufacture with the new solutions of CAD ans Automated and robotic production.
Due to the constant increase of experience, mastery of all production stages and continuous technological innovation, WUDA has the necessary conditions to be part of any space, anywhere in the world.
Wuda target technology to produce each piece. Also looks for solutions always respecting the design.
Wuda have in your team architects and designers who will understand better the need, principles and concern of the client. They will discuss all the details in all their depths. Therefore, Wuda will guarantee the fulfillment of the expectations of all the stakeholders of the project or product. ... More ... less

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