Vilar do Pinheiro / Portugal

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Design. Quality. Integrated offer for bath. These are the words that define Waterevolution, the Portuguese brand created in 2005 within a Group with more than 70 years of experience in the construction industry - Grupo Azevedos. And today it stands out in the construction and decoration materials, thanks to the dedication and relationship that it has created and maintains with architects, interior designers, real estate developers and hotel promoters. Water Evolution intends to keep that going. Always going the extra mile. A team with more than 50 qualified professionals works at Water Evolution to provide the best for their clients, who can count on an integrated offer of bath products: taps, fittings, ironware, bathtubs, shower trays, shower screens, bathroom furniture, sanitary facilities and coatings. Only design products. With no exception.

Showroom and warehouse

To give the best working conditions to their clients is in Water Evolution's DNA. We like to do it with comfort, but also with added style. That's why the architect João Álvaro Rocha has designed a showroom with 800 m2. Water Evolution warmly welcomes all visitors. 3 km away from Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro, in Oporto. 2 km away from the showroom, the logistics department, with 1200 m2 of covered area, ensures the control, storage and delivery of the materials. In perfect conditions. We have no other way. Because we only know that way.


Beauty also requires technique. The product has to be designed for functionality and quality, but it must also be different. The Water Evolution products are designed that way. To design and produce taps with light and reduced shapes seems easy. And indeed it is. For Water Evolution.

Quality control

Water Evolution controls quality. With no exception. That's why from the raw material to the delivery of the final product, the entire value chain is subject to strict inspections and quality tests, all of them regulated in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. At Water Evolution we always go the extra mile. Every single day.


At Water Evolution we live water. A lot. To preserve it, we design taps equipped with a flow controller which allows a saving of around 50% of water in relation to the conventional taps. We also equip the faucets of washstand, bidet and kitchen with the latest progressive cartridges. As for the faucets of bathtub and shower, they are equipped with flow controllers which are independent from the temperature ones. All of this to ensure an energy saving, by not opening the hot water on the first stage of handle rotation. And still maintaining a comfortable usage.

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