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Vismaravetro is a brand specialized in shower cabins and belonging to the company Vetreria Elia Vismara, founded in 1947, but which already in 1907 saw Giuseppe Vismara starting his own business as a representative of mirrors and crystals. Manual skills and industrialization, technology and research, design and communication: everything leads back to solid strategies and a production specialization now in its third generation. Vismaravetro has always produced totally Made in Italy shower cabins: all phases, from design to shipment, take place in the production sites in Giussano and Verano Brianza, on the basis of precise design and technology criteria. Today Vismaravetro is a leader in the integrated production of tempered glass shower cabins, with standard products that are flexible and customized at the same time. A constant element of an articulated range is the great attention to the dimension of excellence of the product, always made in a workmanlike manner with the industrial or artisan method. And the company path continues in the direction of quality and innovation, according to models of creativity that are unique in the world, those same models that have been able to convey the concept of "Made in Italy" as something inimitable and exclusive. Three generations, over the years, have led the company to date: in the meantime the way of experiencing the bathroom environment has changed and Vismaravetro has continued to propose innovative projects and to realize (in two technologically advanced production units), products and quality systems. ... More ... less



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