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Vicoustic is a pioneer in the production of acoustic panels designed to maximise the sound experience in any context through high-tech design solutions. The company was founded in 2007 and is now present in more than 70 countries worldwide. Vicoustic creates acoustic solutions for professional contexts, cinemas, public buildings, offices and homes, combining engineered components with a unique decorative character perfect for adding elegance and style to any space. Vicoustic works with more than 180 companies to maintain its high professional standards, developing intelligent acoustic systems that work in complex sound environments. Vicoustic has taken significant steps in sustainable production. The new generation installations feature an environmentally friendly design that ensures high acoustic performance while reducing environmental impact.

Vicoustic for Hi-Fi & Home Cinema: the purity of the sound experience

Vicoustic develops acoustic systems designed to ensure clean sound in any context by eliminating distortion, reverberation and noise caused by materials like concrete or glass. Vicoustic products target clients with specific sound reproduction needs, like recording studios and are also suitable for offices, schools and retailers, as well as private home cinemas. The brand produces office screens, acoustic wall panels and suspended acoustic panels, combining technology and design. Vicoustic's products result from meticulous research; in addition to guaranteeing top sound absorption, the company pays the utmost attention to the aesthetics of elements that visually enhance any context. Vicoustic has a demanding public that requires cutting-edge, professional solutions to improve the liveability of interior spaces. The brand's products are suitable for anyone who needs a neutral but visually appealing space, isolated from external interferences of any kind. Vicoustic panels and wall coverings adapt to any room, not only areas that require the highest quality sound reproduction but also homes, shops and restaurants. The company's vision places sound at the heart of the living experience as a key element in the quality of time spent indoors.

Vicoustic wall-mounted, suspended and desk-mounted sound-absorbing panels

Effective and easy to install, the wall- and desk-mounted acoustic panels in the VMT Line are particularly representative of the company philosophy. These acoustic modules can be used in various applications in residential and contract contexts, providing an elegant optimisation of a room's sound experience. Among the most effective and high-performing solutions for office spaces, where the need to reduce noise is crucial, is the VicOffice collection. These partition panels with a modern design are perfect for improving the quality of workstations, creating isolated and comfortable spaces that guarantee well-being with discretion and simplicity. The multi-purpose acoustic panels in the VicPattern Ultra line were developed to offer an attractive, design-oriented and technically advanced solution for the most demanding designers. Eight different MDF and melamine finishes characterise a multifunctional collection that satisfies the needs of interior designers working for residential, contract or office clients who want products that combine practical function with aesthetic sophistication.

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