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Vetrocolor is a company specialized in the production of glass indoor flooring, wall tiles and accessories and it was founded in 1980 in the heart of Tuscany, in Colle di Val d’Elsa, thanks to the passion, inspiration and commitment of Luigi Aronica. The factory is located in the historic glassmaking district of the city, which dates back to the thirteenth century. The company has been able to expand and innovate the applications of this material through careful and continuous research, elevating glass into something precious and fascinating: vibrant colors, precious and unique finishes.

The Vetrocolor collections

Vetrocolor offers a wide range of glass collections made special by the ancient master craftsmanship and the contemporary nature of Made in Italy design and style.
Glass tiles from the collection Trasparenze are characterized by a tridimensional texture thanks to the fusion of glass, exalted by the mother pearl effect of each available color. The working techniques of glass tiles and big slabs are uniquely artisanal, obtaining a unique product, always distinctive where the optical effect of depth given to the flooring or wall cladding a unique effect. The brightness of gold, silver, and copper glass tiles characterize the collections Preziosi, Hi-Tech, Apollo e Riace. Precious and elegant finishing for glass floors, wall cladding, slabs but also for basins and heaters. An elegant touch for any project.
The basic glass collection in the Coriandoli color range represents one of the simplest but most captivating solutions for glass floors, claddings, shower panels, or kitchen backsplash with standard formats but also with custom-made slabs. Extra-clear glass in a wide choice of colors. Integrated sinks, countertop sinks, and heated towel rails are also available in this color range.
The glasses of the Dune collection are characterized by a finish of extremely delicate and soft colors. Like a sandy mantle embellished by the shine of the glass, creating a three-dimensional optical effect. The tiles and slabs for floors and walls are obtained exclusively from artisanal work techniques that guarantee an original effect and a delicate variation in the finish.
The tiles and glass slabs of the Fluid collection are available in four versions with neutral tones. Beige and brown, grey and black. Soft clouds of color are created under a smooth and shiny glass, giving the surfaces a soft and elegant effect. Available glass tiles for floors and walls, and in different thicknesses for glass sinks and heated towel rails.
The Pompei collection is inspired by the colors of the ancient Pompeian wall frescoes. Vivid and iridescent colors with silver reflections enhance the aged effect of the texture. Glass tiles and slabs with rich streaks embellished with silver sparkles. Integrated sinks and countertop sinks are also available. ... More ... less

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