UTU Soulful Lighting

Lisbon / Portugal

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Utu soulful lighting is a Portuguese brand dedicated to lighting. Utu soulful lighting was born from the creative hub Mambo unlimited ideas, which brings together design talents in a team dedicated to the development of new products and ideas specifically aimed at lighting. The brand represents the response to the impulse to create lighting solutions that enrich spaces with individuality and meaning, that give value to the environment through the sensations created, that contribute to the creation of a specific atmosphere.


The design team is all about research, from what colours to use to what package is more efficient, through what images and materials capture the attention. The different individuality and personal interests play an important part as each team member contributes with an unique perspective upon the world. From this mosaic of different ways of seeing the world, the Utu soulful lighting creative process is enriched.


Utu soulful lighting bases their approach on the appeal of unique pieces made with traditional techniques. The collection is born from the traditional crafts that have been perfected by Portuguese craftsmen: the work of lacquered metals and noble metals such as brass and copper and the work of glass, both with rich tradition in Portugal. All products are carefully made one by one, in a production balanced between state of the art processes and handmade details.


Embracing the crafts heritage, while up to date with the innovations and creativity developments around the world, Utu soulful lighting develops contemporary pieces with traditional Portuguese materials and techniques. This aspect is a constant in the creative process and produces high quality products: they mix what they do best – edgy creativity and experienced craftsman production. ... More ... less

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