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Resana / Italy

With thirty years of experience in the heating and plumbing sector, Tubes Radiatori produces radiators, decorative heaters, towel warmers and air purification systems. The Tubes mission is to create modern design elements suitable for residential and commercial uses offering products that are the results of continuous innovation based on technological solutions. Tubes Radiatori believes in bringing new ideas to the sector so that heaters and radiators can speak new languages with fresh forms and designs. This does not always mean the mere restyling of traditional elements, but the overall evolution of an industry until now relegated to a purely technical role with no expressive content. The company is committed to a research and development program led by internationally recognized professionals with whom Tubes has established close relationships over the years. Luca Nichetto collaborated with Tubes for the creation of the Astro fan heater, winner of many awards including the 2019 German Design Award, while Alberto Meda designed the award-winning Step-by-Step radiator.

Tubes Radiators: the decorative radiator as a design object

Tubes established itself on the market with Basics, with the bold solutions of the Ixsteel and Basics 14 lines, that transform the radiator from a mere functional object into a real ornamental element. Basic is a refined compilation of exceptionally original designs among which the steel Arkos radiator, or Key, that transforms a towel warmer into a design element and furnishing accessory. In 2003, the company produced Elements, a collection characterized by the intelligent use of materials and colors, as well as by continuous formal innovation. The horizontal, vertical and bench radiators in the Soho line play with a range of colors from dark black to lighter tones that can work with any interior space and style. Presented at the 2018 International Bathroom Show, the Plug&Play collection continues the Tubes tradition of surprising its public. Scaletta transforms an everyday object like a ladder into a beautiful, practical radiator that is easy to move around; it is even available with a gold finish. With Eve, the company continues to rethink the heater by playing with light and form.

Tubes Radiatori: Heaters and towel warmers since 1992

Tubes Radiatori was founded in 1992 in Resana in the Treviso province. The company's activity began with the Crosetta family's firmly held belief that welding on heaters must be hidden from view. Thus began the production of design heaters and radiators that were immediately appreciated by consumers. Following the path traced on day one, Tubes continued to innovate by proposing increasingly advanced solutions, one of which was Joba, which immediately became the company icon. Tubes was well-positioned for the arrival of the new millennium. In 2003, the company began its prestigious collaboration with Palomba Serafini Associati, who designed the ultra-successful Rift, Square and T.b.t. lines. The following years were marked by a growing awareness of the company's technical and artistic capacities based on the founders' experience in plumbing and heating. This long-standing technological expertise was able to ensure the uncompromising quality of the company's long-lasting, high-performance products. At the same time, Tubes became responsive to a niche market searching for new ideas, forms and concepts in addition to functionality. The design-loving customer who also looked to energy savings was able to find concrete solutions at Tubes Radiatori – and still does today. Tubes believes that heating elements and accessories should combine beauty and substance, architecture and technology, high quality and visual appeal. ... More ... less

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