TOSO Radiatori is a company specialized in the production and marketing of designer radiators and towel warmers for the heating and interior design. TOSO Radiatori was born in 1969 as a family business and through a development path dedicated to quality, innovation and excellence of the production process, it grows and consolidates from a small mechanical workshop in a solid company. Refined aesthetics, use of high quality materials, technical know-how and customization are the values that distinguish TOSO's products.

TOSO production

A productive industrial structure with modern technologies, where the craftmade feature is basic component. An elevated organizational and productive flexibility can permit solutions entirely personalized able to answer to any questions of a consumer more and more attentive and exigent. The continuous attention to customer satisfaction, the collaboration with customers and suppliers, the professionalism, the knowledge, the pursuit of innovation in processes and products, constitute the soul of work. The activity involves the production and marketing of radiators that combine technology and formal presence, becoming real design objects, sources of well-being and aesthetic pleasure. Much more than just a source of heat but real furnishing elements, able to customize and complete the rooms.

TOSO: radiator in constant evolution

Wall radiators and towel warmers that can be installed vertically and horizontally, or free-standing that can be placed at will inside the room are some of the Toso's products. Made from materials such as carbon or stainless steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron and glass, they work with hydraulic, electrical or mixed system and they are available in a wide choice of sizes with round, square or flat lines. Presented in a wide range of color variations with glossy, opaque, smooth, wrinkled, metallic or galvanic finishes. A range of products that is constantly evolving, both from an aesthetic point of view and for technological and material research. However, it remains essential that design and functionality balance with each other, to create products that are not only very beautiful to the eye but also usable and efficient. ... More ... less




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