Ziano di Fiemme / Italy

For almost 50 years, Starpool has realised products and services for wellness designed to achieve mental and physical well-being. Focusing on the individual, with the goal of making wellness an accessible and daily practice, it creates spaces and programs to suit everyone, with the collaboration of designers, companies and operators in the sectors of hospitality, health, sports and beauty. All of this is done on the basis of a tailor-made wellness mission, for a customised wellness that makes its way in the home private world, as part of everyday life.
At the root of it all, there lies Starpool’s DNA: heat, water and rest, whose alternation generates genuine benefits that positively influence people's lives, from preventive care to muscle recovery, from the daily exercise to live well to mental wellness.
Casa Starpool is located in a true open-air spa, the Fiemme Valley, from which it draws constant inspiration in a continuous exchange, borrowing its raw materials, like the wood, and giving back a constant and daily commitment for a future in name of sustainability, starting with the development of innovative technologies for energy monitoring and saving.
With over 4.000 realised spas, Starpool is present in 78 Countries worldwide, with 4 foreign branches and 26 distributors.
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