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Active since 1973, SIMES specializes in the production of outdoor lighting fixtures. The company's mission is to illuminate architecture and landscapes, as its slogan, "light for architecture", suggests. Over time SIMES has evolved into an industry leader, recognized today for its high-quality products, rigorously made in Italy. All phases of the production process - from die-casting and molding to cabling and final testing - unfold in company factories. SIMES also pays special attention to the environment, with the goal of creating eco-friendly lighting solutions and adopting sustainable production processes. The SIMES catalog contains countless proposals for architectural lighting, many of which have been adopted in such prestigious projects as the converted Alfa Romeo industrial complex designed by Michele De Lucchi or the National Aquarium in Denmark. SIMES products range from step markers to linear lighting profiles to outdoor projectors to outdoor ceiling lamps.

SIMES solutions for architectural lighting

SIMES' emblematic products are undoubtedly included in the inground collections, around which the company's history has revolved. The new ZIP COMFORT inground outdoor marker is the brand's flagship product, thanks to improved optics, dozens of possible combinations, and increased flux performance and efficiency. The tilting optics can orient the light beam, creating the desired effects on the surface to be illuminated, while COMFORT OPTICALS help reduce glare from direct light. Among the products in the inground category, the Ghost concrete LED marker, designed by Marc Sadler, stands out. The designer's intent was to create luminous recesses within the material itself to conceal the lighting body. The Ghost Liner version received an Honorable Mention in the 2018 Compasso d'Oro awards and the coveted Best of the Best at the Red Dot Award in Essen.
SIMES' designers have developed special "blade of light" radial optics, which create a linear, variable, and adjustable beam of light. Two jewels of design and technology, the adaptable LED outdoor spotlights, MICROSTAGE and MICROKEEN, mount this system and draw blades of light on any surface from different angles. These micro-luminaires have the advantage of reducing or even annulling impacts granting the designer maximum freedom of expression. In addition to orienting the beam of light, these innovative projectors can be modulated to define start and endpoints. LED Bars illuminate dramatically by emphasizing a building's vertical or horizontal lines. The continuous bars proposed by SIMES, both in the surface-mounted and recessed versions, use COMFORT OPTICALS to reduce glare; light can be modulated thanks to remote dimmable ballasts. Outdoor spotlights, wall lamps, and immersion lamps complete the catalog.

SIMES proposals for street furniture and green space

In addition to architectural lighting, SIMES makes several products for street furnishings and illumination of outdoor spaces. The range of poles, street lamps, and garden lamps is characterized by rigor and aesthetic purity to fit discreetly into any urban context. One hallmark product is the CIGARETTE streetlight, with its elementary cylindrical shape, as its name suggests. The aluminum base and polycarbonate diffuser are available in different lengths to obtain a number of variations. The LED light pole collections illuminate green spaces. COOL is characterized by a hollow volume that diffuses indirect light. LOOK WOOD includes light poles and outdoor LED wall lamps in wood, glass, and aluminum. Also perfect for private homes, this collection - with its minimalist design and natural mood - was born from the SIMES partnership with architect Matteo Thun.

LED technology and high-performance materials for SIMES lamps

In addition to materials, SIMES has focused on LED technology for many years. Thanks to this choice, the company now offers a wide range of luminaires that combine appealing design and quality materials with high performance. SIMES' Research and Development Division has addressed the problem of temperature - a factor crucial for the efficiency of LEDs - by developing increasingly advanced technologies that allow dimming, white point adjustment, and color mixing. SIMES photometric laboratories have also focused on light quality from the point of view of comfort and well-being, developing the glare-reducing OTTICHE COMFORT system. Maximum attention has also been paid to materials and finishes. All SIMES products are treated with a double coating process, making the surfaces extremely resistant to corrosion, UV rays, and atmospheric agents. ... More ... less

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