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Schüco is a worldwide leader of energy efficient buildings. Driven by its knowledge in solar and façade technology, Schüco has the desire to take responsibility for the blue planet. Founded in 1951, Schüco operates with 5,000 employees and 12,000 partner companies in 78 different countries. Headquartered in Bielefeld, Germany, Schüco has 2.23 billion Euros in annual sales. INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND A STRONG PARTNER NETWORK. Schüco not only supplies state-of-the-art window and façade technology, and efficient solar solutions - solar heat and solar power. It is also a valuable contact. For architects, fabricators, solar installers, developers, investors, and clients. The aim is to provide tailored solutions for all market sectors – from private homes to commercial and industrial projects. With a wide range of products made from high-quality materials. With systems that meet the most stringent demands in terms of energy efficiency, security, comfort, and design. And which are committed to the very highest standards of quality. WORLDWIDE RESPONSABILITY. But Schüco is more. In addition to the technological expertise, there is one factor above all that sets Schüco solutions apart: a willingness to take responsibility. Providing answers to the most urgent challenges of our time – progressive climate change and dwindling energy reserves. With its corporate mission Energy3: Saving Energy – Generating Energy – Networking Energy, Schüco has established an innovative energy concept. Thermal insulation, building automation, and efficient solar solutions help to reduce the energy consumption of buildings while simultaneously generating clean energy. ... More ... less


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