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SCAB Design – founded in 1957 by Francesco Battaglia – has over sixty years’ experience in the contract and residential market, offering a range of furnishing accessories for indoor and outdoor, including tables/side tables, chairs and stools, as well as sunbeds. A targeted production choice which has received awards from the international market.

SCAB Design: A story made in Italy

The system of values, typical of a family-run business which, through the new generations (the daughters, Luisa and Francesca, and the nephew, Adelchi Battaglia), can now be summed up as maximum product quality, where artisan expertise has been integrated into production on a large scale. For authentic collections 100% Made in Italy, certified according to the highest standards;
efficiency, rapid delivery and an extensive production capacity guaranteed by three different units occupying a total of 85,000 m2, with installed machinery including thirty automated presses to internally manufacture all the products in polycarbonate, polypropylene and polymers.

SCAB Design: all the awards

SCAB Design has received many awards and acknowledgements which testify to the excellent design and quality of its products. To name the most recent, in 2017, Nemo, a table with an innovative base system, won the A’ Design Awards 2017 for the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design category and the Archiproducts Design Awards 2017 for the Contract category. An Honourable Mention 2018 Gran Design Etico in the Top Design of the Year category for Natural Giulia Pop, a chair that is widely heralded for its extreme comfort. The most recent award was for Lisa with many mentions and acknowledgements, including Archiproducts Design Awards 2018, Iconic Awards 2019 and the Good Design Award 2018 for the entire family and lastly, the EPDA 2019 and the Red Dot Design Award 2020 for Lisa Filò and Club, the outdoor chair and the German Design Award 2020 for Lisa Technopolymer.

SCAB: where design creates openings for infinite possibilities

The strong specialisation of SCAB Design in the moulding of materials has led the company over time to use a wide variety of materials, including wood and fabric for seats. SCAB has thus come up with a flexible system to respond to changing aesthetic tastes and the need for wide customisation.

SCAB Design is Go Green

SCAB Design supports environmental awareness and reduces waste. This triggers a virtuous process: new plastic is not introduced into the environment and at the same time potentially polluting waste materials are recovered. From raw material to product. From product to waste. From waste to recycled material. From recycled material to new product. A continuous and perpetual reuse cycle.
Between 2020 news, SCAB Design introduces the GO GREEN collection characterized in that the chair is made of certified regenerated plastic: obtained by the processing and regeneration of end-of-life products, waste coming from recycling. Plastic is certified as recycled and obtained thanks to the use of energy generated from renewable sources. A further guarantee of the commitment and quality of the company’s work to accompany the consumer toward an informed use of materials.
SCAB Design’s best sellers are now available in the ‘green’ version in recycled plastic. Lisa Tecnopolimero and Lady B, in addition to the iconic Ginevra and Sai, are the first models – but it is only the beginning – that cross the threshold of the green world: products in recycled plastic in trendy pastel colours. All of this without ever compromising the technical standards of resistance, durability, and stability.
Style meets modernity: SCAB Design designs the future and colours it green, protecting our planet. ... More ... less


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