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Founded in 1967, PUK ITALIA GROUP is an Italian family business based in Lissone, in the Milan area, specializing in the production of high-quality outdoor architectural lighting fixtures. PUK manufactures floodlights, recessed lights, underwater lights, wall lights, downlights and bollards, with a particular aptitude for combining high quality materials with the newest and most advanced technologies, especially LED products. The company is completely focused on the international market, whose main markets are Europe and the Middle East.

Puk, Italian architectural lighting

Puk follows each project with the utmost care and attention, offering effective collaboration to improve all aspects, whether technical, structural, expressive or performance-related. Puk operates worldwide and is proud to say it has become a benchmark in the field of outdoor lighting. Puk is ambitious and determined, and can collaborate with clients to create something spectacular and unique. She is ready to create the perfect light, lighting that enhances the features and benefits of the project. For the Merati family, light is a passion. Discovered in the 1960s, today this passion is shared and nurtured by brothers Daniele and Stefano, who have been guiding Puk along a path of steady development since 1990. They are surrounded every day by a team of enthusiastic and capable professionals. The technical and commercial management and staff work together to find the best solutions. Puk is competitive, professional, flexible and fast. It provides quick, useful and decisive answers to both technical and commercial issues. Puk's experience speaks for itself: it has worked on ambitious projects around the world with successful architects, lighting designers, and internationally renowned consultants. Puk gives his all on every project, regardless of the size or importance of the work. He never stops and always tries to exceed his goals. This is his way of being. What really matters is the result: accepting new challenges and meeting expectations, exceeding them if possible. ... More ... less

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