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Since 1966 our group has represented one of the benchmark producers in the profiles sector on the European market. Over the years production has grown and diversified and we have thus matured as a company of high technical ability, able to propose a wide variety of innovative solutions for floor and wall coverings with a complete range of profiles, by paying special attention to tile trims for top professional performance, yet without neglecting other coverings such as marble, wood or particular laminates for commercial/industrial flooring with a series of multipurpose joint profiles. We are well consolidated in the domestic market and present in more than 65 countries. Our extensive network of sales outlets and wholesale distributors has enabled us to become well structured and ever more highly regarded by large project developers we have supplied and reliably supported without any language barrier whatsoever: our technical and sales support team operates in 10 different languages. The quest for problem solving of floor and wall coverings laying needs represents our driving force. Since 1994 our main manufacturing processes have been rigorously tested and the quality inspected with particular emphasis on alloys and aggregate components of the materials employed. We pay special attention to building developers as they are faced with many problems during the laying phase, due to necessary compliance with local construction norms and regulations. Working closely with architects, project developers and building site foremen enables us to acquire great experience and sensibility to all private and public working projects. Therefore we are able to provide considerable technical assistance for product installation. Periodical news letters are sent out to keep our customers up-to-date with new product innovation. Our managerial team implements scheduled work shops to all its sales and administrative personnel in order to keep everyone well coordinated. There is of course a customer service direct line for any technical or commercial assistance required during working hours. PROFILITEC® attends most international fairs where we are always keen to meet our customers who increase by the thousand each year. In fact , over 10 millions metres of our profile lengths are laid every year. We wish to thank here all our valuable and respected clients who over the years have prospered with us. ... More ... less


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