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Prof was born in 1995 from the furniture sector experience, a family industrial reality that produces office furniture systems, deep-rooted in the Italian north–east furniture district. In these twenty years, Prof economic route of development and growth allowed it to look out to the international market contributing to the Italian quality design diffusion in the world. Taking advantage from architects and designer consultancy, Prof strengthened its identity and it widened the products offer. Beginning from the executive collections, it then developed operative systems, reception and conference rooms solutions, getting up to separating and equipped wall. Today, this allows it to propose complete and customized furnishing solution for any working site.


Prof headquarters, with the plant and offices, is located in Falzè di Piave, in the province of Treviso and 70 kilometers north of Venice, in one of the most important industrial furniture districts of Europe. It spreads over a total area of about 8700 sqm, of which 3600 are covered. The plant, specialized in the production of office furniture, is equipped to work in wood, assembly, packing, warehouse and shipping department of finished products. The headquarters is home to the executive, sales, technical and administrative, the meeting areas for the reception of clients and a showroom of over 400 sqm, which exposes all the collections of office furniture. In 2016 it is planned an extension of over 1800 sqm, of which 640 intended for production, 330 for the offices, 830 for the showroom.


The exhibition space is about 400 sqm and expands in two floors. It lodges the executive and secretarial furnishing collections in an elegant frame. As essential and comfortable architectural space characterized by sober and neutral tones. The space is flowing and welcoming and the various areas provide a clear readability of the products, with the aim to suggest solutions and trends. A site dominated by warm tones and a highly sought visual help to create an involving atmosphere and full of emotions. The ground floor is characterized by a double height big gallery dedicated to the meeting zone with three large conference tables in the centre, enlighted by scenographic suspended lamps. The walls are articulated by backlit panels with materic finishing harbouring three articulated bookcases compositions. On the side, a cozier area, completely dedicated to the executive collections where there are the last models desks, shown in the various colours combinations and finishing and combined with high and low cabinets. The walls are enriched with tone on tone plaster frame, giving a classic and modern image to the site. In chromatic contrast, two coloured sectors stand out in the centre with deep and definite shades, thus arranging and distributing the space. On the foreground, the layout is completed by a luminous platform with the accessories elements exhibition completing the collections. The first floor is characterized by a faily good environment divided in two adjacent areas housing the semi-executive and secretarial collections. The walls are equipped with long luminous niches where there are low and high cabinets, proposed in various finishing and colours. A wide double sided bookcase divides the space showing the secretarial area on the background.


The company produces exclusively in the establishment of Falzè di Piave, in the province of Treviso and always bases its identity in the maximum values respect for people, the land and materials. The strong local roots and that innate ability of “know how” that has evolved, also thanks to new technologies, have enabled Prof to affirm and consolidate its success, continuing to combine tradition and innovation, adapting to new social and economic changes. The Prof’s manufacturing organization is geared to the “just in time”, which allows you to combine elements such as reliability, inventory reduction and an increase in quality and customer service. The whole chain of Prof develops in Italy, mainly in the manufacturing district of belonging, where are located the vast majority of raw materials and semi-finished products suppliers. The products are entirely designed and made in Italy, to ensure a standard of consistent excellence.


In Prof company any furnishing element rises from the ability to understand the constantly changing of the working places dynamics. The research has always represented the strategic element of the company policy of business growth and it expresses through an internal Design Department working closely in contact with external designers and it is constantly updating with the technological and legislative evolution. Prof models are entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, in full compliance with European standards concerning the health and safety in the workplace. For this reason, Prof collections stand out for the high design, the ergonomics and the functionality.


PROJECT CONSULTING Prof provides a comprehensive design and advice service including the analysis of the customers’ requests, the layout study with targeted and personalized furnishing proposals with technical drawings and rendering. CUSTOMIZATION Prof can propose and make a customized service on standard production models: from the production of oversized items, to the search of new materials and finishes, up to the carrying out of samples and prototypes. Thanks to its production versatility, over the years Prof has developed a specific expertise in the custom-made supplies going from small-medium size projects to great personalized creations. AFTER-SALES SERVICE Through the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate system for the management of non-compliant products and complaints, Prof has got the continuous control of the problems encountered during assembly and use phases. The company provides a service for the technical and after-sales assistance with complete information, changes and repairs.


Prof production flexibility allows, in addition to series production, the realization of projects defined custom made to the client’s specific needs. Our Design Department is able to support the client or the designer in the development and production of unique products, both in functional and aesthetic solutions, with totally customized finishes. Careful consultancy at every stage of development: a targeted design, with a careful selection of materials and with the greatest attention to detail, which culminated in constructing, followed step by step until the final installation. The production is entirely tailored according to the bespoke method: on request and custom made.


In order to answer to the increasing competitiveness of the international markets through the improvement of the customer satisfaction and loyalty, the rationalizing of the internal producing processes, Prof attained ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2012. The adoption of a quality management system represents for Prof a strategic decision giving the possibility to achieve business objectives more and more concrete. In a world steadily looking for the quality and increasingly sensible to ecological problems, Prof puts in place the maximum expertise in the office furniture design and production while respecting the environment. Starting from the carefully selected raw material, the whole process of transformation and packaging up to the disposal, all aims at the health safeguarding and at energy saving. In effect, Prof uses certified E1 panels according to the European regulations regarding formaldehyde emission for both the raw product and the melamine. Then, any panel is marked from the Ecological Panel Consortium guaranteeing that the semi- finished products are produced by the reuse of wood with a manufacturing process that does not involve the felling of trees. The obtainment of the ISO 14001:2004 certification in 2012 certifies Prof concrete commitment in establishing their own environmental management system that regulates the environmental impact of production activities trying systematically to improve it. In 2015, at the same time of the company twenty years, Prof launches its new green mark to confirm and make identifiable its commitment towards the environmental sustainability as integral part of its activity and of its process of production growth. In 2017 the company confirms its strategy “eco-friendly” reconfirming its values of “sustainable” and “responsibility “and he does this by leaning to a new operator of electricity (Dolomiti Energia) coming from 100% renewable sources.


Prof continues its commitment towards a production system able to minimize the environmental impact. In 2016 Prof invests in a high-tech machinery for packaging made of biodegradable cardboard, which allows the packaging customized training just in time. The optimization on the specific product allows a considerable reduction of packaging costs, warehouse and consequently of the waste to be disposed. In order to improve the management of waste in the company, several separate collection points of processing waste have been placed. All are stored in special containers to be then destined to recycling procedures.


Confirming its care for the quality, Prof got UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification and it observes the International quality rules in the design, development, manufacture and customers’ assistance. Confirming its care for the environment, Prof got UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 CATAS ... More ... less

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