ZAZZERI Z316_SH Countertop single handle stainless steel washbasin mixer

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Countertop single handle stainless steel washbasin mixer

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Z316_SH is the new version of the single lever mixer tap where the lever is the distinguishing feature.‎ This lever characterizes the whole Z316 series adding charm an d new features of design.‎

The new Z316_SH handles represent in fact a cylindrical extension of the body of the tap and, with the related versions, introduce an additional characteris ti c of purity for the collection design.‎ The hand levers, as a matter of fact, are available in five different textures made by chiselling the surface: smooth, vertically striped, horizontally striped, checkered and dotted.‎

The Z316_SH collection, like all the collections made of steel by Zazzeri, is offered in the brushed version and in six PDV finishing in the following versions: Carbon, Ant hr acite, Bronz e and copper , Copper , Cognac and White Gold.‎

Its cylindrical hand lever, its several types of chiselling and its various finishing further en hance the ability of this collection to furnish rooms characterized by form purity enhancing them with discreet and elegant decorative elements.‎ A delicate contrast which marks with natural harmony two different souls the clean and simple lines of the Z316 collection and decorative elements.‎

Steel is a material which is applicable to a vast number of items; in particular, given its high resistance to corrosion, its toughness and its tendency not to interact with the environment, it is a material with marked hygienical qualities and suitable to professional applications, too.‎
These qualities are transferred to the items not as a simple sum, but by providing items which are manufactured with essential forms, with no surplus of material, free to express a simple design and the essence of an idea.‎
Z316 is the new collection of bathroom fittings designed by Arch.‎ Roberto Innocenti and it is the project through which Zazzeri wanted to seize the basic soul of this new material by converting it into a wide and thorough offer of items for your bathroom and your kitchen being completely made of AISI 316/L stainless steel in its brushed finishing; the parts in full view, as well as all the built-in ones, are made of stainless steel.‎
This range is completed by an offer of products for an outdoor shower, with a tubular design, and of products for floors and walls equipped with the innovative Flyfall ® system.‎  

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Z316 Collection by ZAZZERI
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