Washbasin countertops

Furnishing the bathroom space with taste is essential for a home to feel really cozy. An appropriate approach in the design phase is to take into account size, colors and style. In this context, washbasin countertops contribute greatly to define the character of a bathroom. In spite of their minimalist style, there are diverse models of washbasin countertops including those with towel rail, with or without drawers, with countertop or inset washbasin. Countertop washbasins can be made of malleable materials such as acrylic stone, concrete or glass, or simply serve as a shelf where to place the sink. Wood and stone washbasins countertop are the most popular, as they fit in any style and adapt particularly well to small sized bathrooms.

Design washbasins countertop for contemporary solutions

Washbasin countertops are particularly suitable for bathroom with a contemporary style, where the traditional concept of the integrated washbasins leaves the pace to freestanding design solutions. The choice of washbasin countertops is to be carefully thought out based on personal taste, style and practical, functional needs. There are different types of countertops ranging from countertops with incorporated washbasins, already coming with a sink, to countertops for countertop washbasins, that are to be matched with the appropriate sink. The most used model is surely the single countertop, available in different materials and finishes. Alternatively, double washbasins can be an option in large bathrooms, a furnishing element with an extraordinary visual impact, comfortable and functional. In small bathrooms it is important to exploit all the space available to recover some centimeters. In this case, corner washbasin countertops are the best. They are usually wall-mounted and single, thought to be combined with only one tap.

Design and materials of washbasin countertops

The design of washbasin countertops helps setting the tone of the bathroom. However, their appearance depends highly on the materials they are made of, be it wood or marble, concrete or alabaster, or glass. Wood in its diverse variants is quite a common choice for bathroom countertops. Depending on the kind of wood and its finishing it is possible to obtain even utterly different styles for ambiences that span from the zen to the vintage, from the country to the classic. Concrete washbasin countertops are also very appreciated. This material is easy to work and model and is perfect for inset sinks.
Also marble, in its multiple nuances and rich veining, is perfect for washbasin countertops. This is anù robust material, versatile and long lasting, mainly chosen for its refined and sophisticate look. If you look for functionality, easy maintenance and formal and aesthetic cleanness, washbasin countertops in resin are definitely the right choice. As a matter of fact resin makes the seamless surface perfectly smooth and waterproof, and can be used as for the countertops as to cover all other horizontal and vertical surfaces. A crystal or glass washbasin countertop can be great as a solution to obtain a light and bright effect. In the transparent or etched version or in different colors, crystal and glass are design and waterproof products able to contribute to a sophisticate and elegant final effect. Composite materials, on the other hand feature an utterly smooth surface, ideal for this furnishing complement in a space that is frequently cleaned up such as the bathroom. Very popular in this category are washbasin countertops in Corian® and Solid Surface®. The most used covering for bathrooms are undoubtedly ceramic, though. Resistant and easy to clean up, ceramic washbasin countertops, together with washbasin countertops in porcelain stoneware, are among the most sought after solutions to furnish the bathroom.

Washbasin countertops: different styles for classic and contemporary style bathrooms

The style of washbasin countertops have to be in line with that of the washbasin and with the general design of the bathroom. For contemporary style bathrooms a washbasin countertop with straight lines and simple tones is more recommended, with no frills and possibly recycling typically industrial materials; for a classic style bathroom the best solution would be a washbasin countertop in marble or natural stone. Minimalist style is becoming more and more common; total white, neutral colors and a linear geometry in the shapes are the basics of a design washbasin countertop.

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