The wardrobe is an essential complement in any home, which allows you to organize the space in a thousand different ways depending on the space available and the style of the bedroom. Modular cabinets, corner cabinets, with sliding doors, are furnishing elements that not only meet purely functional needs, but also furnish and decorate with a whole series of finishes, colour combinations and mixes of materials. The wardrobe is destined for new uses, lending itself to modern interpretations of an indispensable furnishing element. A wardrobe for the living area is usually placed inside the living area, where it is particularly useful to keep the space in order. It is a versatile complement that contributes to an environment with large support surfaces and suspended solutions.

Wardrobes and features: how to choose a functional and practical wardrobe

Choosing a wardrobe is an important step when you are in a situation of having to furnish your home and you do not want to neglect functionality, containment and durability: yes because a wardrobe to be called such must be a piece of furniture that can hold clothes, books, boxes of old photos and so on and so forth and then you know, there are never enough closets in a house to hold everything you want. That's why there are unexpected solutions that can respond to a number of problems in terms of space: bridge wardrobesare at the top of this ranking. It is likely that the room is not large enough to dedicate a wall only and exclusively to the closet or that there is, but that is not enough. Placing the bridge wardrobe on the bed, creates containment in a part of the room that generally remains empty and in this way acquires meaning. Vice versa, if you don't want to give priority to the bed but to the wardrobe, you have to look between the bed wardrobes, a transformable and dynamic solution that allows you to have the bed or the sofa according to your needs, a perfect solution for small apartments or study houses for children.

Better to have a wardrobe with sliding doors or hinged doors?

When choosing a designer wardrobe, there are two main characteristics that must be taken into account: the space available and the style to be given to the room. The first, compared to the second, imposes stakes in the final choice that can also determine the second factor, that is, the style. It is also true that in modern homes there is less and less space available and we must work hard to ensure that even a wardrobe fills the room in a characteristic and strong way, despite the limited space. For this reason, many times, choosing a wardrobe with sliding doors turns out to be a winning choice. The space is not affected in terms of size and there remains space for a bed if we are in the sleeping area or a table if the closet is to be placed in the living area. The only drawback is that you cannot use the entire space at the same time: once you open one side and slide the door on the other side, the latter becomes inaccessible until the side used is closed. The trick is to fill the doors carefully and make sure that the content of a single door, especially in the sleeping area, is satisfactory and necessary for the daily life of the individual. This does not apply to cabinets with hinged doors, which impose fewer limitations in this regard, but provide a much larger footprint. Alternatively, there are wardrobes with folding doors that have the particularity of having a package opening system, a middle way between the size of a sliding door, almost zero, and that of a hinged door.

Materials and finishes: modern wardrobes for contemporary interiors

Modern wardrobes are characterized by linear, metallic structures and well-defined geometries, able to fit into a series of contemporary contexts. From open space environments - where they are particularly useful for organizing spaces - to interiors with traditional conformation, this product is extremely versatile. The classic style wardrobes tend to be wooden wardrobes that are completed by remarkable and precious decorations, handles and knobs in gold finish, plays of grains and precious finishes. It is not uncommon to find lacquered wardrobes in both classic style rather than modern style. The metal wardrobes, on the other hand, tend to be part of modern environments and allow you to customize the room with accessories and inserts that offer interesting ideas for color combinations. Always on the subject of modernity, how not to mention the glass wardrobes, the latest trend in the world of designer wardrobes. The transparency given by the glass lightens the room and gives breadth and brightness to the entire bedroom. The trick to have it, without sacrificing the comfort that every wardrobe can give, is to choose matt glass finishes for the doors, so as not to allow the contents of the wardrobe to be visible to anyone who is passing through there.

From the living room to the sleeping area: wardrobes to organize the spaces

The design of the cabinets can help to make a more spacious living area, with games of full and empty spaces and multifunctional solutions. In order to organise space effectively, a few well-distributed elements can be used which fulfil several functions. This is the case of sectional and modular wardrobes that allow you to separate the rooms and change the shape of these furnishing accessories to the changing needs. The sleeping area is usually clearly separated into rooms. For this reason, choosing cabinets with a compact structure and neutral colours will allow you to avoid obstructing the view and will almost give the feeling of being in a larger space. If space is limited, all you have to do is have a small wardrobe with a single door to solve the problem and have to choose whether or not to have it.

Dividing and containing cabinets, the new frontier of open space

Having a large open space is an advantage in many respects but from other points of view it is complicated when you have to furnish it. The risk that it seems empty is around the corner and when choosing the furniture you have to take into account the spaces, their function and their arrangement. A novelty in this sense are the wardrobes in the middle of the room, real containers that can be physically crossed, a convenient transition from the sleeping area for example to the study corner or from the kitchen to the dining area of the living area. They are dividing walls, at the same time containing, that optimize the space between two rooms, double wardrobes able to face in a different way inside two different rooms.
If placed in the bedroom, the advice is to imagine in the night side wardrobes with mirror doors rather than wardrobes with integrated TV in the study area rethink them with go open containers alternating with closed boxes to hold books, rather than old family relics. In addition to the peculiarity of having a real closet in the house through, the beauty lies in being able to organize the spaces in an original way, without putting everything on the walls, but rethinking the rooms, whether they are bed or not, in a fresh, dynamic and in step with the times.

How and when to make a walk-in closet

If there is a niche in the room where you decide to place the closet, there are 2 ways: building/ buying a built-in wardrobe or creating a custom-made closet, solutions that both have the goal of occupying the entire space available, without leftovers or unused space. What is the difference between the two models? The realization of a custom furniture can be done regardless of whether there is a niche or not, requires a total choice of components, starting from the size of the doors, through the material and color of the finishes and ending with the internal dividers. The wall recessed version, on the other hand, assumes that the sides of the cabinet should never be visible, precisely because they are recessed in a niche or hidden in a side wall. The only thing to be visible are the fronts, there you can customize according to the wishes and style of the room. There are those who make the wall closet in plasterboard, including the doors, those who instead only the internal structure and then choose a metal finish for the doors rather than wooden doors. Some people, for a super-economical choice, decide to use the doors of an old wardrobe and apply them on the new one, this time made on the wall. There are many companies that have done business in this sector, achieving amazing results.

Wardrobe or walk-in closet?

Let's make a myth: it's not always the space available that dictates the law when choosing a wardrobe - or a walk-in closet -. It is very likely that corner wardrobes or custom wardrobes of the same size, in terms of space, as a walk-in closet will be available on the market. Of course, space is a determining factor in the choice between the two but not the only one to take into account. Even the style you choose for your bedroom can direct your choice towards one rather than the other. In general, walk-in closets leave more space in the room because they are less visible, more hidden and less visible. Most of the time there is a simple glass door or a flush-to-the wall disguised as wallpaper or wall decoration to access it. The fact that there is more capacity inside than in a closet is all to be proved. Unlike the walk-in closet, the closet has a space inside the room that must be taken into account when designing the sleeping area. This certainly makes it more visually impactful, no less spacious than a walk-in closet. Whether they are walk-in closets or custom-made wardrobes, the taste, the final result and the style to be given to the room remain the determining factors in the choice of one rather than the other.

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