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Landscape wallpaper

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Agrabah is a landscape wallpaper.‎
A glimpse of a lake in a valley carved out by nature.‎

“La Collezione” by WallyArt is characterized by original and modern Artworks designed ad hoc to satisfy every taste, from the most minimal to the most whimsical.‎ Fireproof and washable supports with TNT back and vinyl front printed with totally non-toxic and long-lasting inks, thanks to the modern hot-drying method and surface protection through a layer of latex.‎ Each artwork is resized and adapted to any wall.‎

All the Artworks are produced in two finishes: 
- WALL FINISH: Suitable for a less intrusive and delicate decoration.‎ 
- CANVAS FINISH: Suitable for best appreciating the decoration emphasizing it just like a work of art.‎ Its horizontal and vertical weaves enrich the colors and shapes of the Artwork making it unique.‎
- SHINE FINISH: A finish capable of lending brilliance to the graphic elements depicted and greatly enriching the majesty of the Artwork thanks to the gold tone shading of all parts of the decoration.‎ Only available for some Artworks.‎

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Width: max 800cm
Height: max 400cm

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