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WP/OFF system is the result of a careful technical research to bring the decorative power of the WallPepper® artworks also in outdoor areas in contact with running water; the system is composed of the special technical fabrics WallPepper®­FiberGlass in high-density glass fiber , the two-component polyurethane protective solvent based WallSilk®SOL, which is clear and resistant to water, acid rain and ultraviolet rays, , and an innovative silanc glue with superior water resistance.‎
WP/OFF system is recommended for outdoor installa­tion and in all those environments in direct contact with falling waters.‎

The WallPepper®FiberGlass technical sheets are ecological, in woven glass fiber, odorless, mold-proof, breathable and certified in class B-s1,d0 for fire resistance.‎
They are easy to lay with the wall glue system thanks to the 94 cm sheets already cut flush without overlap.‎
The technical sheets (especially with woven weft) are very resistant to impacts, tears, abrasions and, thanks to their di­mensional stability, they guarantee a consolidation action of the wall protecting it from cracks and settlement cracks, attenuat­ing the inhomogeneities.‎

It’s a matt, two-component solvent based transparent poly­urethane protective coating, to be used in combination with our materials that gives excellent water repellency, excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and greatly increases mechanical resistance, scratch resistance and rubbing, al­lowing deep cleaning even with professional detergents.‎
Its formulation doesn’t contain polluting elements and after 12-36 hours from the first application it is already possible to per­form a further covering coat.‎ The complete drying takes place in 24h and the chemical-physical properties of resistance will be fully operational after 48h.‎

WallPepper®/Group has devised various solutions to use the natural and ecological material even in sensitive areas such as shower cubicles and kitchens, where greater resistance to abrasion is required.‎ Furthermore, the decoration also has the function of improving the acoustic well-being of the rooms.‎

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