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ACX Light is the entry-level model in the task chair family and available only in black.‎ It differs from ACX Mesh and Soft through its backrest, which has a standard netweave cover.‎ Combined with a seat in the technical spacer fabric Silk Mesh, the chair is designed to offer pleasant comfort and facilitate air circulation.‎

- Seat mechanism: synchronised mechanism with automatic weight adjustment and two backrest resistance settings (hard or soft).‎ Equipped as standard with seat height and seat depth adjustment.‎ Optionally available with or without synchronised forward tilt (can be disengaged).‎ Mechanism can be locked in upright sitting position.‎ Seat mechanism matches frame colour (deep black).‎ 
- Seat upholstery: polyurethane foam.‎ Seat cover in Silk Mesh spacer fabric, colour nero.‎ 
- Backrest: back frame with semi-closed shell and transparent netweave cover.‎ Frame made of polypropylene in deep black.‎ Optional height-adjustable lumbar cushion.‎ 
- Armrests: height-adjustable.‎ Armrest supports made of polyamide in deep black.‎ With PU-foam-free (F) pads in deep black.‎ Optionally available without armrests.‎ 
- Base: five-star base in polyamide (deep black) with double castors (Ø 60 mm)

ACX is the tenth office swivel chair that Vitra has developed in collaboration with Antonio Citterio.‎ With its automatic synchronised mechanism, the compact ACX offers maximum comfort for every user without any need for adjustments other than seat height – while exhibiting a distinctly non-technical appearance.‎ The construction, materials, production, logistics and maintenance of ACX are designed to achieve a long life cycle with the smallest possible carbon footprint.‎ 
The ACX mechanism automatically adjusts to a wide range of user weights: even very lightweight or heavier individuals can sit down and enjoy instant comfort and optimum support throughout the full scope of movement, without having to adjust anything except the seat height.‎ That makes ACX particularly suitable for environments in which dynamic collaboration processes have replaced sitting for long periods in the same chair.‎ 
The design of ACX features a limited number of components, which simplifies service and maintenance.‎ The parts are made of recycled materials whenever possible and can be easily separated and recycled again at the end of the product‘s life.‎ Depending on the chosen model, ACX is therefore up to 100% recyclable.‎ 

ACX has a casual and relaxed appearance: with its clean lines and choice of knitted fabrics in a wide selection of colours, it functions as a design element in the office – instead of a necessary addition tolerated for the purpose of ergonomics.‎
ACX is the ideal chair in any setting that calls for healthy ergonomic seating with an understated inviting aesthetic along with a focus on longevity and compliance with stringent ecological standards.‎

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